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So, being part of the MH community leads you to reading these reviews by apparently 'concerned parents' who think MH will cause rape or whatever...

And I'm getting quite frustrated reading them in all honesty. 'they're monsters! that's disgusting' 'their outfits...they shouldn't be allowed to wear them!' 'they look pornographic and anorexic!'


And then I notice...wait a second...where's all this outrage over toys for boys? Where's the articles saying the Wrestling figurines will make boys want to become body builders? Where's the reviews which 'concerned parents' say those hot wheel toys will make their child want to crash cars?

I searched and searched and....NOTHING.

I can BARELY find any reviews or articles talking about how boys toys are inappropriate.


I see all these new toys now...there;s a new line of boys toys, and all the characters are garbage...and live in garbage cans....why isn't that causing outrage about how it's telling children germs are ok?

There's another new figure range, where you dig up a grave to find a dead body...which you can swap parts with other dead bodies.


So little boys can dig up dead bodies......but little girls can't read about a werewolf that shaves?


Rant over. -.-

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Girls toys are always under extreme scrutiny.  I remember when I read about the outrage that first wave Clawdeen's doll got about the shaving bit.  Like what the hell?  She's a werewolf that wants smooth legs, what's the big deal?!

I'll admit the outfits can be a tad mature but I know they're not malicious.  The guy that created MH is quite homosexual... 

I always found boy toys to be extremely dull and boring.  

But that dead body thing is disgusting!  How is that not a problem?!

It's because girls are OBVIOUSLY idiots who emulate all they see while boys are geniuses and totally know what's real and what isn't.. duh.

Seriously though, I think it's more that people tend to be more overprotective toward girls and anything they see as potentially sexualised is immediately condemned. Boy toys seem to get away scot free having scantily clad action figures but girls? heaven forbid they want their Barbie to wear a short skirt! No, it's knee length shapeless sacks for all dolls!

I also don't get it though. I have 2 boys and some of the toys out there for them are just like "wth?"

I don't like toy guns, those military toys aimed at toddlers actually make me shudder (Larry the Landing craft for instance, who's a cute anthropormophised army toy aimed at 2 year olds. I object to selling war to kids, especially babies who are so impressionable. It creeps me out and just feels wrong.) and a lot of the "boy" toys are just so gross. Why no controversy? Because they aren't "sexual" and that seems to be the primary sticking point. It's difficult to sexualize a male figure, even wearing a loin cloth and looking like a male stripper just isn't enough apparently. But give a girl a tight top and a short skirt? Omg she's selling her body on the street!

But at the same time, I HATE that we even have "boy" and "girl" toys instead of just bloody toys. Who the hell decided that girls should only play with dolls and home stuff? And that boys should want to play with little men made of snot and army guys? Shouldn't a kid get free reign to play with whatever they want in the toy store without ridiculous gender constants? "Sorry kid, no doll for you, you got a Y chromosome."

The only doll i've actually agreed with the controversy on is the Bratz Babies. Those things are gross. They remind me of pageant babies/toddlers and it just makes me feel sick. Overly made up, dressed in inappropriate outfits... bletch. THAT is gross. Dolls representing teenagers and older? Get over yourself parents. It's no worse than the stuff we see on tv, in fact, the stuff shown at prime time is probably far more damaging (Why the hell is CSI on at 6 in the evening!??? )

In the end though, if you don't like a toy, just don't buy it for your kids. This isn't hard adults. Just... don't... buy it.

Yes, the main sticking point is when something is sexual, it's an instant problem.  It's fine if a toy has generally unrealistic violence though. (although if a video game is violent that's a problem too since kids can't separate reality from fiction. there's only one instance of that I agree with-  a parent that decided not to buy their kid GTA San Andreas since they really did have a gang problem in their area, making it too real. but I digress...) Our culture seems to paint people, girls in particular, as objects for sex, because simply put, adults like it and want to see attractive sexual things around them. They become accustomed to looking at everything in a sexual way. 

If a girl is seen as sexual, she must also be victimized in some way. Boy toys centered on violence is okay, because if you are violent you are strong or brave.

It makes me upset that parents are mad at the fact that Clawdeen shaves her legs. It's personal hygiene! Most societies demand girls do it otherwise they are seen as ugly or dirty.  I think I'm a little more worried over how often the characters put on make-up, but not by much. 

And yes, rather than demand a company stop making their product, just don't buy it. Why ruin it for those that genuinely like it? (I'm also saying this about the outrage over the new LEGO Friends toy line for girls. Ugh.) It's fine to complain for alterations to future products (like there's a lot of dolls with leggings now), but to say you want a stop to the toy altogether... (like idiots over the same girly Lego's) is ridiculous.

I do get irked over the whole 'there should only be gender neutral toys!!!' argument. It's not like they don't exist, but sometimes it would be nice if some current toys could be a little more accommodating to both genders. But its hard to do when a toy has to beat out their competition. So what happens? They are going to make a toy that is not just a little cute and appealing, but a toy that is WAY cute and sparkly and pink and appealing to the gender it expects to sell to. They aren't going to waste time and money on the minority party that only might be interested in the product (in this case boys).

You are going to have to turn our entire culture around if you want children to grow up without a hint of gender roles/common interests. 

It's pretty much a prejudice as old as time. Boy's toys can be violent or scantily clad because everything in our culture tells us even if not directly that men are fighters & they never wear anything to be provocative (though even if they were it's okay). But if a girl's toy has a short skirt the knee jerk reaction is that it's worn for a sexual reason rather than they just like the way it looks or they're trying to fit in with what's fashionable.

As for the whole shaving thing with Clawdeen these people complaining are probably the same people that say how disgusting it is to see a grown woman with any body hair. You can't expect other women to shave & not expect your daughters to follow suit because they're just trying to live up to what the world thinks they should look like.

I've never understood the fight over Clawdeen shaving-- what is their fight even supposed to do? I mean, you can say "dont shave I dont want my little girl shaving" but most the parents saying that about it shave themselves.

It just doesn't make sense to me. Shaving is a normal thing for most girls, not something to cause a big thing over.

I wish there was some toys for both genders. So that way people can shut up when a girl is playing with boy toy, and a boy is playing with a girl toy. A few years ago I LOVED bakugan. I watched the show every Saturday, I purchased some books about bakugan, I had both of the wii games, and I played with the toys. And people thought I was crazy. I hope someday people aren't as judging.

I saw that rant on Clawdeen shaving. It infuriated me! For Bob Marley's sake, it was a qoute on a box and was meant to be laughed at. Anyone who has hair growing that fast would easily find it annoying and would shave all or a good part of it off. They completely took a statement that was made to make little girls say, "Oh haha! Clawdeen is so funny!" into a protest of "OMG THEY ARE TEACHING MY CHILD TO SHAVE EVERY FEW HOURS OR SHE WON'T BE COOL OR ACCEPTED! RETALIATE!"

Even aside from the fact that Clawdeen is a strong, independent, and fierce ghoul who needs no one's approval, she is a Werewolf. Different species= different grooming habits, that's just natural. Next thing you know, they'll be after Toralei because she occasionally licks her hand like a cat. They'll call it, "Provoking sexual imagery in young girls."

I'm also tired of the people who write these articles and reviews doing half-hearted research, who watch one webisode to get a beat on the dolls. I have more than a few choice words for these people.

Jenna the Backgrounder said:

Honestly i dont think its fair that people rant about Clawdeen shaving.Unless you dont have hair on your legs (-rolls eyes-) then shaving is part of growing up for a girl.You can get your legs waxed but,are you going to let a 10 year old get their legs waxed?Most likely not.And i guess the dead body thing is the boy version of CAM gone disgustingly wrong.Eww.And as for the garbage can garbage character thing,my thoughts are they might as well make them scented like wet garbage on a sunny day.That will give it more illusion! -another eye roll- some toys these days are just plain no no's.

I'm fairly certain the women who had such a problem with Clawdeen are also the mothers who won't let their daughters have a razor till they are 18 and smart enough to make a rational decision. I had friends with mothers who were like this, they didn't let them make a decision on anything till they were older... like, much older than most other girls, and they were ridiculed for just about everything. And all 3 of my friends, after graduating, left home just to get away from that. My mom didn't buy into this crap about barbies being too sexual, and when i wanted to shave, she handed me a razor, because she knew I asked so that I could avoid being laughed at... I'm not trying to protect my daughter from the world, she is not a delicate flower too stupid to make a decision... I also have a son, who is too young at the moment to understand "girl / boy toys", and he plays with his sisters toys mainly... my brother feels I am raising a homosexual, and that when he grows up, thats going to be my fault, and I'm going to have to deal with it. I just couldn't believe he said that, and I replied "If he likes boys, thats not MY problem, I HAVE no problem with that, if he's happy, and not a drug addict or alcoholic, I don't care who he loves"... I had several gay and lesbian friends, in fact I was the only one in my group that didn't have some sort of experience with the same sex, thats just not me, but I would never treat someone differently for being who they are. My brother has even informed me when my son is older that he's putting our sons in karate... and he doesn't care if my husband doesn't like it. Well, my husband won't be the one he has to fight with on that... cause I'm not putting my son in karate just to MAN him up, if he wants to be in it, then he can, that for him to decide. Not to mention I doubt his wife will allow any of that because their son has a heart condition...

Vaughan, just out of curiosity is Trash Pack what you're referring to?

Trash Pack

They're all over Toys R Us in the USA but I'm not sure how popular they actually are.

Lol, my boyfriend saw this picture and said, "So the toy companies are now LITERALLY selling you trash?" LOL.

Disco Voodoo Dolly said:

Vaughan, just out of curiosity is Trash Pack what you're referring to?

Trash Pack

They're all over Toys R Us in the USA but I'm not sure how popular they actually are.

Yeah, it's definitely a double standard. Wrestling is a top contender. I'm surprised more people aren't making more of a big deal out of it, as most of the current wrestlers generally look the same. Lots of muscle and bad attitudes. This isn't portraying a negative image to the kids who watch it? I have watched it occasionally but I'm old enough to know that it is fake and scripted. Kids on the other hand do not get this so whatever is displayed to them is real life. They do have the Be a Star program which is geared towards anti-bullying but even then it's still mixed in with wrestling and violence.

Then you have the Divas. Basically just swimsuit models. A few articles around, though, are suggesting that they are shying away from hiring models and working to hire female wrestlers that have skill and talent and not just someone who "looks good on TV". It's a minor step but the brand as a whole just seems to be pushing violence as the answer if you have a problem with someone.

I think as far as Monster High goes, I think they are coming from a good place. Teaching us to be ourselves and all, and to embrace our flaws, not cover them up.

The groups that come out and say negative things about a children's toy are probably the same people that want to shelter their kids from everything so when that kid actually gets out into the real world they won't know how to cope. I was at Target a few months ago and a little boy was looking to buy some Skylanders game. The mother asks the employee, "Is this rated G? He's not allowed to play anything that isn't rated G. Is there a lot of violence in it? I don't want him playing violent games" The employee responded, "It's rated E.. and there is some fighting." (I believe it's rated E 10+?) Don't know if she ended up getting it or not but it just got me thinking about sheltering kids. I'm sure this kid watches way worse things on TV than what's in that video game.

Without rhyme or reason telling a kid they can't do something may make them more likely to want to do it behind their parents' back. A simple example is wearing a bike helmet. Most kids don't want to but are told they have to and to them it's just their parents being mean or whatever. Like, tell them the reasons they have to wear a helmet... don't just be like WEAR IT BECAUSE I SAID SO.
And obviously, shaving is not the worst thing a kid will ever see in their life. (Just watch television at all and try to find a show that doesn't have some violent element about it. Pretty much any cartoon, too. Outside of the few Disney/Nick early-morning cartoons and similar.) But again, it is a double standard that women are expected to shave and men are allowed to look 'rugged'. Society as a whole expects women to look, act and dress a certain way and men are expected to do the same. It's just how our society is, and unless everyone agrees to change it, nothing is going to.

I remember when Bratz first came out and I had a huge problem with them. I was 12-13 at the time. I just never really cared for any doll growing up. To me, Bratz are mindless. No personality, tons of makeup and clothes that didn't flatter them at all. I did grow up playing with Barbies but that was as far as I went for 'dolls'. And even then, I never felt like I HAD to look like her. To me, she was Barbie, a character that was a blonde female and liked clothes and had a lot of friends and a guy friend named Ken. Just the name Bratz makes me think of.. well, bratty, spoiled teenagers. (Not going to touch on Bratz Babiez(?) but I don't really have anything positive to say there.) Monster High, at least, has a ton of personality so each one is different. They're all deeper than, "I must look pretty today! What if I get asked out by a cute guy?! OH EM GEE!"

But I think what I'm getting at is.. kids are going to interpret play differently than adults are.. and chances are they are going to mimick their play with how the character acts in the webisodes/movies. And obviously, when they get to a certain age, they will be able to distinguish reality from entertainment, and until then, they're just going to be kids making up scenarios and playing them out.

Well.... I'm not going to make a huge post atm (but I may make one later) But my brother LOVES trashpack... lol.

Bratz are stupid, I agree with this.

I play with my brothers toys all the time.

'nuff said.


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