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Boxy girls are a new line of dolls that come with shipping boxesthst have random stuff inside they are20 dollars and have four boxes which have acceries. Smaller then brats and larger then a shoppie. I'm very excited for these which will hit walmartsoon.

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I have seen a video on you tube

This is cute. it is not really for my age group but neither are the Shoppies. MH were actually perfect for adult collectors.

They have a lot of different elements to them. The surprise bit which is popular at the moment, They have a bit of bratz and anime feel to them...and the Divas heads shape lol

I might add one to my doll collection because they remind me of my beloved Diva starz, without the Kitsch charm obviously! ;-)

wow these look interesting, I will defiantly get these if they show up here, I think they could work, it's a cool concept, they do resemble Diva and Starz and Bratz a lot, also those computery dolls that were out a few years back can't remember the names now, they do look fun. 


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