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News and Reviews of Monster High Dolls, Plush Toys, and More! while this is unconfirmed, it is apparently from everafterhighdolls which has been a large source of speculation as of late. I don't know how I feel about this, it feels like Scaris 2.0 where NOTHING will happen. and if this is true I most definitely don't know how I feel about Cleo and Deuce. I mean, I want drama (or something) to happen in the MH world because it's felt a bit calm but, Cleo and Deuce? I don't think I like that. and AGAIN seemingly another disappointing moth character, I know it's really early to judge and we don't even know if this is reall, but she looks more like a bee than a moth. A rat kings daughter? the MH world...Huh?. I don't know, this overall seems disappointing as of now. but like I have said a million times...THIS IS UNCONFIRMED  (still potentially real though, just keep that in mind)

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Don't Cleo and Deuce break up every other bloody week? It's tedious and stupid.

Moth girl being yellow is a bit odd, but it's better than pink. Those glasses and the yellow DO make her look like the bee cam though. I hope she's more mothy irl.

Catty's ear headband thing is ridiculous.

Rat King seems a bit um.. yeah.. not really MHish.. unless they mean a ratking as in, a load of rats tied together by their tails.. but that's not really a monster, that's just gross. Wererat? I'd love a wererat.

Does feel like "nothing will happen here" yeah.

 the total count of break ups for Deuce and Cleo is actually only one, and that was in Ghouls Rule almost 3 years ago. if you want break-up-every-week look no further than Gil and Lagoona.  "tied together" you mean like a golem?  Catty's head band is interesting, I think it looks nice but I wonder how they'd pull it off,,,unless the absolute worst happens and they mold it to her ears. also, I'm a bit worried about Cleo's hair, slicked back doesn't often look good in real life and I'm not sure it'd be much better in doll form.

Maybe, I dunno. Just seems like their "go to" for "drama" is to have some established couple oh noes break up, only to get back together by the end becuase it was a stupid moronic misunderstanding. It's really tedious.

that's mostly (or completely) Lagoona and Gil. and I don't know why they continuously do that to them, they really need to start doing things with other couples and stop with draculaura and clawd and Lagoona and Gil,they've been developed enough for right now. there are other couples that need storytelling. Frankie's love life NEEDS to be fixed and decided on.  Scarah and Billy need a lot of work in my opinion. Heath and Abbey need to figure it out, and whats going on with Ghoulia and Slo Mo? 5 or 6 years and we have no idea if they're a couple or not. poor Ghoulia get no attention

For a brief moment, I thought I was seeing Abbey (because of the colors on Catty's dress and in her hairs).

And the girl with purple hair.... is that Elle Elledee? She looks a lot like Spectra.

yes, I believe that's supposed to be Elle Edee (I have no idea how her name is spelt) unless Spectra has taken up DJ-ing ...again. i saw someone say Catty's dress had been changed from the first pictures of this we got, I'm not sure how though.

Maybe they mean Rat King as if he's someone very important, and probably rich if Moucedes is the spoiled type. Maybe he's the Monster equivalent of Donald Trump or something.

that's a really good idea! that would definitely explain her "spoiled" personality. not all rich people are spoiled but mattel has been known to go with stereotypes. ooh, what if she tries to get deuce away from cleo? literally my ONLY connection between that is your theory is she's rich and cleo has money too...those are my only grounds, pretty weak, huh?

oh no! I just had a terrible thought, what if there's singing in this (more than likely) and Catty has that...unbearable auto tuned voice like in the webisodes...please no!

The Rat King reminds me of the Nutcracker. That was the first thing my mind went to. I hope that's the case!

I've seen the 3 headed mouse king in several productions of Nutcracker. I never knew there was a legend of rats though, just thought Tchaikowski made him up.

So we should definitely be getting a deuce and cleo doll..right? We better! The only version of cleo I like is her dead tired version because she doesn't have I think I'll love this one..and I want that deuce in doll form!


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