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I hadn't seen any previous posting of this on the forums but if this is old news, pay it no heed. I've been much out of touch with this site's up-to-date stuff. But as I said, I didn't see any news about it in the doll sighting forum. I'm pretty sure I've seen this Nefera on Amazon before, but these other dolls are completely new on Amazon.

I just logged on to Amazon not only to find that the Boo York dolls were listed with pictures, but also the Freak du Chic and the Garrot & Rochelle two pack. 

Garrot & Rochelle:

Boo York Nefera:

Boo York Mousecedees King:

Boo York Luna Mothews:

Boo York Elle Eedee:

Boo York Deuce & Cleo two pack:

Freak du Chic Toralei:

Freak du Chic Jinafire:

Freak du Chic Honey Swamp:

Freak du Chic Gooliope Gellington:

Freak du Chic Frankie Stein:

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Idk if I trust them...back when the new Hybrids (Nathan Rot, Avia Trotter etc) were 1st coming out, they were on Amazon fairly early like these....anywho, I went ahead and ordered them and long story short, i got screwed...Immidiately after I paid, they took their "shop" offline and when I emaailed them asking about my oder I got an error message that it was an invalid email addr\seller no longer online ..I eventully got all my $$$ back but it taught me a lesson...
Although the seller for Rochelle & Garrot is it says they are in stock....were the others says usually ships within 3-5 weeks so who knows.

why are they on there so early? I thought they weren't being released until summer time? around that time anyway like they usually are?

I would trust those preorders either if the item isn't shipped right away and you forget to open a case you can lose all your money plus it's scalper prices you won't save any money buying from these sellers.

Given Garrot is a tru exclusive, the amazon price is always gonna be a reseller looking to make a quick buck. wait till tru get them in, which should be soon as they're already available in canada.

The others yeah, no way at they shipping in only a few weeks. Scalpers will try anything to get a quick buck, but the thing I don't get is quite how they manage to make money on stuff they don't have. Because amazon and paypal and ebay etc all have protection for the buyer, so you'll get your money back unless you're really ignorant of all things internet and can't figure out how to file a claim (it's really super easy) or they manage to con you into some belief that it'll arrive just be patient blah blah.

Paypal have now got 180 days that you can file a claim, which is a very long time. way longer than any reasonable person would be willing to wait. Not sure about Amazon, I think it's only 30 days but if something isn't shipping within 30 days, it's more than likely a scam. Be sensible, don't buy into it, don't get conned.

Freak du Chic :

this forum seems to have some connection problems (and loading of images) therefore visit this link to see the photo Freak Chic Rochelle

Her shoes! OMG!

She has segmented eyes and insecty moulded arms too eeek.

Her antennae look more butterfly, as do her wings... I wonder if she's not actually a moth at all lol. Adopted daughter? *snort*

I like her though. she has pigtails!

I NEED HER! She's so cute. Not very moth-like but still pretty. And those shoes! *dies*

she seems more based on a monarch buttefly.


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