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Looks like they're releasing a 3 pack of Luna, Mousedes and Elle in their daytime outfits.

How... redundant.

I dunno, on one hand it's nice to see you could pick them all up in one go for likely cheaper than the individual dolls... but on the other I prefer Luna's Gala outfit and Elle's outfit isn't hugely different to me. Mousedes seems to always dress like an old lady, gosh her fashion sense is terrible.

This outfit is however a lot better than her hideous Gala dress. It actually looks like it FITS for a start.

I don't know though, it'll depend I think on price for me. The gala dolls are £26:99 here in the UK which is INSANE, if the 3 pack is only £35 it'll be worth it to pick up all three and just embellish their simple outfits a bit more.

What does everyone think? Is this the first time we've seen two versions of the exact same doll in one line?

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I completely agree with you! A few weeks ago the artwork for these versions have shown up and from the moment I saw the artwork, I was wishing the dolls actually looked like this. I am so happy with this set! Luna and Mouscedes are so much better like this for my taste, and even though I find Elle great in her deluxe outfit, I also prefer this version of her over the other... So for me this is a dream come true :D

This is very interesting and a big surprise all in all, is this going to be an exclusive? or is it a wide release, I can't remember if any of the other movie/specials have had a 3 pack before, I actually like their Gala outfits a lot especially Luna and Mouscedes, I guess it would be nice to have casual versions though, so I will buy both since I get them all anyway so it makes sense, I would have liked Astra Nova to be included in this but I guess they want to keep things exclusive I guess people wouldn't buy her play set if she was included.

I'll likely get this set and add some bits. Much as I prefer Luna's gala outfit, I might be able to pick up the bits of it from someone for cheaper than the £26:99 price tag.

Moucedes i think if I can find some cute high waisted shorts, they'd look sweet with her cheese print shirt. I always felt she should have shorts.

I'm keen to see someone do a comparison of the two dolls together. I suspect these are the exact same doll, just redressed (so same makeup and hair) but it'd be cool to see the two outfits side by side to make a decision about which you prefer.

Why not just include the daytime outfits as extra outfits with the original dolls instead?

I'm honestly happy they made this, all these new ghouls either have a new skin color or new mold so I wanted to pick up an extra of each for customs anyway, plus like a lot of people said I kind of prefer this to the over the top outfits of the other dolls. It's also a cheaper route for parents whose kids want one of each new character.

I'm just thankful it's not a 4/5 pack with the Frightseer ghouls and one new character.

I like it but... too soon no?

I guess I'll leave the originals(basics) in their boxes and these will be unboxed for play/display...

Oh, the dilemma! I saw these in Smyths a couple of days ago (despite what it said on the website, they were in-store already) and after I recovered from looking at the price, I nearly fainted again at the sight of Mousedes' dress. It's terrible to begin with, and absolutely it doesn't fit her! But I like the gala outfits on the other two. At the very least, I'd be ending up with two Lunas, since I want the gala outfit for her. She is easily my favourite, but do I really need two?

Mousedes is a really cool sort of lilac-grey colour in person, but either way, I hate her outfit. (So I'm going to be waiting for her to be the one someone who bought the 3-pack doesn't want, I guess...)

What was the price?

They're £26:99 EACH in the uk. Which is just over $40 US.

It's horrifying.

I don't mind this 3pk at all, it's kind of what I do like, the whole casual wear just works for me. :)

While I love her eyes, I still think Luna looks cheap and like the love child of Draculaura and the Bee Girl CAM.


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