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i've googled but got a lot of non info.  so i thought, let's ask collectors.

What i need to know is which dolls have the new bodies with the hips similar to CaM, and with have the old elastic hips.

Thank you for any info!!




  • Gloom Beach probably elastic
  • Toralei and dolls after her (Werecats, Nefera, Rochelle) mechanical
  • Coffin Bean Clawdeen - elastic
  • Old Cupids - elastic, New Cupids - mechanical
  • Old ForBitten Draculaura - elastic?
  • New ForBitten Draculaura - mechanical
  • Old and new GUYS - elastic
  • Skull Shores:  depends when they were made?
  • Old DeadTired - elastic, New DeadTired - mechanical
  • PhysDead Ghoulia (new ones, at least) - mechanical
  • Target GloomBeach 5-pack, one that was newly re-issued June2012:
    Cleo: elastic
    Draculaura: mechanical
    Ghoulia: mechanical
    Clawdeen: ??
    Frankie: ??
  • ...

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I would guess that the Gloom Beach 5 pack were elastic hips because the Gloom Beach range were in the first wave of dolls.

PS : The new mechanical hips started a Toralei, so all the dolls after Toralei will have the new mechanical hips.

With my dolls, the Werecats, Rochelle, my recently-purchased Cupid (from the batch that's been coming lately), Nefera and Skull Shores Lala have the mechanical leg attachment. (For some reason SS Abbey, Gil and Frankie all come with the elastic.)

Dead tired Draculaura, wave one version re-release, (from Walmart) has the new leg joints. Got her last week.

SS Ghoulia also is on elastic, sorry! Mine is anyway. (The only SS one I don't have is Lagoona so I couldn't tell you about her...)

I was conjoined-twin-ing a set of Cupids for a customer when I found 1 had elastic hips and the other had the new hips. :P Made it a pain to connect them but I did it ^_^ Got pics too!

woh.  that's weird.  is that in your customs thread?

I hadnt posted them yet. If everyone would like to see them I can post them?

i'd like.  your conjoined twins are pretty popular so i'd say go for it!

I would like to see XD
Mia_Darling said:

I hadnt posted them yet. If everyone would like to see them I can post them?

Green peg is new style and the other is the elastic bar style. :)

that's kind of educational.  if i ever need to take one apart, i will know what to expect inside.


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