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I am working on a OOAK doll for my mother of Betty Boop.  I am using a Blondie Locks (the picnic budget doll) for a base.  I plan on using black clay to make her hair (overtop some cling wrap so as to not dye the doll's head) and then baking the clay separate from the doll (obviously).  I'm mostly just worried about taking out all the glue from inside the head without getting acetone on the face (cause I'm waiting on my Mr Super Clear to come in).  I plan on updating with pictures if anyone is interested in seeing them.


I also plan on hand-sewing the dress, but I have to find some stretchy red fabric first.

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I think that so SWEET!! My Mom Loves Betty Boop too! I would absolutely LOVE to see pics.

As for the Glue in the head, I would Use be VERY careful No to pur the Acetone on her face only in the neck hole, After you cut all the hair short. Or Better Yet, Don't use acetone for the glue at all. You'll have to work a bit harder, But hot water works well too.

Stretchy red fabric? Thrift store or an old red t-shirt. Performance Fabric, it's shiny and pricey.

Good Luck, I really hoe this all works for you! I think its a wonderful gift for you mom!

the big round EAH heads are perfect for Betty Boop! I didnt need acetone to remove the glue from a very gluey Lagoona head, just scissors, tweezers and hot water. Good luck!

I managed to remove all her hair using hot water and pliers (i need to remember to get longer nose pliers).  Now the biggest concern is should i use oven-bakable clay in black or make some air-drying clay to paint later?

Ive only ever used air dry clay so Id use that.

Outfit finished.  The doll can't sit, but that's okay cause my mom will likely just keep it standing (and I might make a better dress later on).  Still have to mold out the hair, air dry it, paint it and glue it on.

Show us when your done! She looks great so far!

Forgot to post the finished version.  Sorry about that!  I ended up boil-curing the normal clay.  I had to repaint over the hair, since the boil process added weird white specks, but it cured nicely.  I did accidentally knock off the curl bits a couple times, but super glue saved the day!  I tried making home-made air drying clay but it had issues with such a large project.  But it worked wonderfully for smaller things, like accessories and food (I made small fried chicken, easter eggs, and other such things)


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