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It appears there have never been any set rules for blog posts for members to follow. These are my proposed rules to help members, and give them a better chance at getting their blogs approved, and maybe inspire more people to post articles.

Hey everyone!
I'm Athena, a blog moderator on here! Once you've written out and posted your blog it gets sent to me and Stu, where we approve and publish it with the other blogs, or delete it.

What we're looking for and what you shouldn't include in your blog posts:

1) Articles must be related to dolls:
Your blog posts must be about Monster High products, MH dolls, similar dolls or custom dolls. It's great that you want to tell the world about that boy band concert that you've got tickets for, but these blogs are dedicated to Monster High products and doll related articles.

2) No personal information:
This is basic internet safety. No real names, ages, home towns, locations you're going to at specific times, etc.
There are some nasty people out there and this is all for your protection.

3) Do not include pictures if they do not belong to you:
We all love seeing fabulous photo shoots of doll collections and awesome designs of original characters, but if you didn't draw the image or take the picture then do not include them in your blog posts.
Even if you have credited the artists, it's still not acceptable.
Unless you have explicit permission from the original artists do not post them (and don't post them in the photo section either.)
Do not post pictures of yourself.

4) Do not post leaked images of lines that have not yet been released:
Each year Mattel sends out surveys which contain images and information of lines that are going to be released later on in the franchise.
It's all very exciting, but certain people take these images and post them online. This is highly illegal (as they have possibly signed a non-disclosure agreement) and Mattel takes legal action against them. This is called a takedown order. When you post these leaked images on this site, Mattel issues those orders against us, and if we don't remove the images the entire site is at risk of being completely shut down.
Do not post screen shots of these leaked images. Don't post links to off-site hosts with those images.

5) Do not lie about having dolls or seeing dolls in store that have not been released yet:
It's silly and pointless to lie about having a new doll before it's been released, or lying about seeing something in stores.
Don't waste your time (and ours) by arguing that you have some magical new line that nobody knows about because we all know you're lying.
Unless you have a dated and timestamped picture of these unreleased dolls in hand, no one is going to believe you and all you'll end up doing is annoying people and causing arguments. So don't do it.
The same goes for 'leaked lists' of upcoming dolls. Don't even bother.

6) Be careful with your links:
Certain links are allowed, such as links to your photo streams or sources for information.
But always double check the site you are linking to has appropriate content (IE Is G-PG rated/acceptable for younger viewers). We'll be checking all links posted on your blogs.
Do not post links to competitor websites.

7) No swearing or abusive language:
This is just basic etiquette. Any harassment, hate, swearing, abusive language, etc will mean your post will be automatically deleted.
Don't post blogs spouting hate about mods or other members if you have been suspended from the chat box, or your post in the forums has been deleted. If you've messed up and made a mistake, then you need to deal with it. I will not be approving stupid posts you've made in a sulk because you messed up and can't admit it.
Basically, be nice.

8) No spam
Spam is an excessive use of letters, numbers, punctuation, emoticons, etc with no real purpose other than to annoy people. Blog posts containing unnecessary spam will be deleted.
Do not TyPE BlOgS Lyke DiS!!11!
Please post blogs in English.

9) No commercial advertising:
Even for Monster High products.
No links to ebay posts, no posts from big retailers.

10) Introduction blogs are recommended for newer members:
Articles with short introductions are recommended to get you used to the format of the blogs on here and finding out how they work.
Something simple like "Hi, I'm *insert nickname/user name here* and this is my first blog!" and extra information such as: your hobbies, how you got into Monster High, how you found this website, wish lists, your favourite character, etc.

These rules are subject to change, and more may be added later.

Tips for writing a great blog:

1) Titles:
You must have a title for your blog posts! If you do not have a title, your entire body of text will automatically be entered as your title.
It looks really silly and very messy, so enter something short, sweet and on topic.
For example, if your blog entry is about how Clawdeen’s hair styles and colours have changed throughout her different doll releases, the title could simply be “Clawdeen’s Different Hair Styles.”

2) Tags:
These are optional, but tags are great ways for other people to search for the different topics in your blog. Simply enter one word topics that are featured in your blog, separating each tag with a comma. for example: “Clawdeen, Wolf, Hair, Styles, Fashion, Doll,”
Do not enter tags that are not relevant to your blog post! For example, if your blog entry is all about Gillington Webber and you have tags such as "Clawdeen, Frankie, Cyclops, Howleen, Gigi”. Those have nothing to do with the actual post, you will be asked to edit them before it’s approved.
People do this in order to divert more traffic to their entries by inserting popular searches, such as the main characters or names of doll lines or movies. It won’t be approved if you have irrelevant tags.

3) Pick a good topic:
Pick something you’re passionate about! Pick something interesting, fun, quirky, exciting!
Nobody wants to read about boring subjects because they’re.. well, boring! Writing about what you know if a good start, it means you have plenty to talk about.
If you find the Monster High doll shoe sculpts interesting, talk about that! If you’ve made a photo-story with some dolls ‘shopping at the maul’, then write out the plot and dialogue!

4) Organisation:
Make sure you have several concise points written out that you can expand upon and talk about. That way you avoid getting off topic and waffling on.
Add detail to what you say; explain what, why, where, etc, this fleshes out simple statements and makes it more interesting to read.
Paragraphs are your friend! Big blocks of text with no breaks, commas or punctuation are incredibly off-putting and difficult to read, so keep the flow of text with separate paragraphs.
Try to keep everything grammatically correct, with the right punctuation and correct spelling. Everyone struggles sometimes or makes the occasional spelling mistake, but proof reading and using a spell checker will help minimise this.

5) Formatting:
Choose a legible font. You have 14 different fonts to choose from and they’re all nice, but make sure you pick one that everyone can read!
Make sure the text font is a good size, not too small and not too big.
There several different text colours to choose from, but keep in mind that some of them can’t be read very easily. Don’t go overboard with the colours! Use them for different headers or emphasis on certain words.
Make your blog post a good size, not too much content, and not too little. I’ve had blogs posted to be approved that simply say “Hello,” And I’ve had blogs that just go on and on and on with no real theme or conclusion!

6) Pictures
This is totally optional, but everybody loves pictures! It breaks up big blocks of text and visuals always draw people in.
Include pictures to describe what you’re talking about, maybe draw some diagrams for yourself!
Don’t include pictures just for the sake of it, especially if it isn’t relevant to your blog topic.
Don’t just post a huge log of pictures with no theme or meaning. That belongs in the photo section (as long as they follow the photo section's rules)

7) Proof read and spell checking.
Don’t be afraid to edit what you've written!
Once you've finished writing go back and re-read what you've written, editing errors, correcting spelling and making sure everything is ready to be approved.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or need me to verify any rules for you.
Good luck and have fun blogging!

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