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Bits and peices, alot of baits annd body parts (11/7/14) *More to be added*

I have assortment of bait, dolly parts, bits and pieces. I have good reviews and I will only ship in the US.


All prices OBO, I would rather trade though ^^;


Heath Jacket: $4 

Cupid MH dress: $4

Frankie ghouls alive: $2

Catrina scaris shirt: $2

Jinafire scaris dress: $3

Cleo FCA dress: $2

CAM cat skirt: $1

Dracula Apple Bite dress: $4

CAM bee dress: $2

Cleo dead tire pants: $2

Jane Basic shirt: $2

CAM Gorgon dress: $2

Abby Homeick dress (have apron also just not pictured): $2

CAM Witch Dress: $2

Jane Basic undershirt: $2

CAM witch dress 2: $2

CAM Faceless doll dress: $Witch CAM dress 2: $2

Lagoona jacket: $4

Frankie GB suites x2 :$1 each

Frankie GB wrap x2 :50 each c

Abby SS Wrap: .50

Siren shirt: $1

Abby SS swim suite: $1

Ghoulia SS swim suite: $1

Frankie DotD FIRST WAVE: $4

Cleo basic FIRST WAVE: $5

Lagoona basic FIRST WAVE: $5

Torali basic pants: $4

Torali basic shirt: $4

Ghoulia DotD FIRST WAVE: $2

Lagoona basic shorts FIRST WAVE X2: $2 each

Puma boy pant:  $2

Puma boy shirt: $2

Holt basic  pants: $4

Deuce scaris short: $2

Deuce scaris shirt: $2

Ghoulia Deadfast tshirt: $5

Deuce basic pants: $4


Basic Holt shoes: $3

Catrina Scaris shoes: $2

Frankie Ghouls alive shoes: $2

Cupid MH shoes: $3

Ghoulia SS shoes: $2

Deuce basic shoes: $3

Puma boy shoes: $3

Jane basic shoes: $2

Dracula Snow Bite shoes: $2

Jinafire Scaris shoes: $2

Deuce Scaris shoes: $2

CAM Ghost shoes: $2

CAM blob shoes: $2

Clawdeen DotD FIRST WAVE shoes: $3

CAM faceless doll shoes: $2

Howleen 13 wishes shoes: $2 HOLD

Ghost CAM shoes: $2

CAM Blob shoes: $2

Clawdeen DotD First wave: $3

Facless ghoul CAM shoes: $2

Cleo FAC shoes: $2


(Dog is not included)

This is a NIB heath and abby homeick version two, they do not come with the cooking glove but I have one and I am willing to toss it in for free if requested, I would rather trade this, but I will take price offers.

Dolls/bait/body parts

Jinafire Scaris, lower limbs gone: $5

Customized Draculara, her hair rerooted with soft yarn, eyes and lips removed and repainted, colose up pictures can be sent. Skirt is just something I made up from fake hide, neck piece is Jane Boolittle Basic: $10

Abby homeick nude:$5

Howleen faceup and ears removed:$5

Jane headless: $5

Custom Lagoona, lower arms Jinafire, faceup removed and repainted, jinafire belt: $10

Custom Nefera, lower legs cleos, reroot and new faceup: $10

Nude Jackson, no eyebrow piercing: $10

Heads heads and MORE heads, a couple have either edit face up or a full new face up: ALL are $3

Upper arms: $2

Lower arms males: $3

Lower arms female: $2

Upper thighs female: $3

Torsos: $4

Lower legs: $2

Pile of limbs: 3 I can get better pic of that if requested.
Tails: $2

Wings : $1


Custom painted gorgon wig: $3

Blob girl wig: $2

Wigs: Puma boy, Witch,random,Ice ghoul,Skeleton ghoul cut: $3

Siren tail $2

Siren belts, BOTH: $2

Random items

Catrina glasses: $1

Cleo basic FIRST WAVE belt: $2

Cleo dead tire lap:$1

Catrina bag scaris: $2

Deuce scaris bag: $2

*Ignore purple and black bag, that was a oops*
Deuce scaris glasses: $1

Frankie GB glasses: $2

Cupid MH bag: $2

Cleo FCA head band, bag, and belt: $2 each

Holt Basic shirt: $4

Jane basic belt: $2

Snow bite belt: $1

Mummy CAM shoes: $2

Jane shoulder cuff thingies: $1

CAM bee glasses: $1

LIV doll glasses: $1

Ghoulia DotD first wave neck lace :$3

Abby SS bracelet: Free with purchase or trade.

Siren Wig: Same price as other wigs

Blog girl dress: $2

Cleo arm bands: Free with purchase or trade.

Abby Homeick shoes: $2

Jackson picnic glasses: $1

Dead fast figurine from fashion pack: $4

Jane boolittle staff/pen: $2

Clawdeen sweet 16,000 purse: $1

Cupid MH wings, lower part cut: $1

Abby homeick apron: $1

Heath glove: $2 or free with purchase Heath and Abby set

Ghoul Alive frankie belt: $1

TRADE want list:

I am open to trade for ANY EAH Hatistic doll, EAH both EAH play set (with doll) either a nude basic Cerise, or whole (I really would like the nude doll though) and (doubtful but I can dream..) Cerise Wolf

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Would you be willing to put a few things on hold? I'm getting a sales post together and won't have pictures up until tomorrow night/early Sunday to see if I have anything you'd want to trade for. I could definitely pick you up a nude basic Cerise though, I've been wanting her basic outfit for a while now!

things I'm interested in are: Heath's jacket, Snow Bite shoes & dress, Cleo FCA dress, Catrine Scaris shirt, and Holt's basic pants (I think it totals $18, right? aside any trades we can work out). I'll send a friend request so we can PM about it :)

More items added.

Hi sent friend request, I am interested in a bunch of the CAM parts. Are the Pink CAM upper thighs, lower legs, female arms and pink cat tail all similar color? If so I am interested in those and the ice/blob girl CAM wig. PM me back :)

Hi! I'm super interested in the bee girl's head as well as the faceless CAM girl's dress, shoes, and wig. I'll shoot you a friend request.

Are you willing to trade the doll set for naked operetta and dotd clawdeen

Are any of the cupid items still available? I would like to get the dress, the wings and the purse if they are still available. Thanks 


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