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I don't know why I got so excited about Jackson.I suppose it was because I am sad of seeing his Gloom Beach doll sitting there everywhere I go,and he is always the last doll.I am happy they gave him an actual doll,I may just get him.And I thought I would be super excited for Robecca Steam,but for some reason I am not.I adore Rochelle though.I MUST have her.

I absolutely LOVE her! The detail and everything, like the detail on the Skeleton's arms and legs and hands AND feet! So, amazing!

CyrusDrysdale said:

I HAD A FEELING SHE DID OMG @////@  Also look at the detail on her hands and earrings OMG

ms_ventress said:

She has six fangs... or cilia's in the plant world... must be a little hard for her to talk.

The rest of the dolls I really like, but Rochelle... I don't see any stone, rust and stained glass in her. She is too ordinary. I would have chosen another stone type to represent her than the mild gray with little spots.

But Robecca Steam is just wonderful, in every way.

does the steam punk chick have anything "freaky" going on besides the outfit?

*ok, so i noticed that she has riveted "skin", but she's in the same catagory as Cleo for me.  way too ordinary, and i don't want to have a couple of look-a-like Brtz dolls floating around.  as much as i love the steampunk, i think Robecca (finally remembered her name!) is gonna be worth buying.  I'm alittle "meh" on this collection. :(  Like someone mentioned earlier, I like when they stick to the classic horror movie roots.  and where the freak is Scarah?!?


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