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I found all of this for $20 at my local thrift. I'm new to Monster High, is there anything here that is more valuable or rare than normally seen?

Also I'm trying to figure out how to look up the names of each Doll. The number/letter engraving on their backs, different for each Doll, does not show any results when I search the Web for those numbers.

Some of the accessories are not Monster High stuff, but I'm not 100% sure what is and what isn't.

Thanks for any suggestions :)

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yeah that looks like the SRM Lagoona on my desk hehehe.

Yes, it is definitely her. I should not have had doubts in the first place!  Always trust yourself Tula, and for other things as well!! lol

I think the Deuce Pants that Draculaura is wearing belong to the signature Deuce or Ghouls Alive, I don't know but I think Ghouls Alive feel cheaper. helps me every time


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