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In this picture we can see a little more of Ghoulia's like she is wearing long red socks with sparkles! Well mattel currently doesn't have plans for more sweet 1600 right? Soo will mattel use Lagoona (that look is amust have) and Ghoulia looks for another collection like Cleo's hair is used in ghouls rule, what do you think:

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I SOOO wish they would have done the other dolls! I <3<3 LOVE <3<3 Lagoona and Ghoulia! It's the best Ghoulia hair, she's so cute....If only!

Well we know that this Cleo is making an appearance with the Halloween set so it's highly possible that the other dolls will come out in other sets as well.  Ghoulia looks to me that she could possibly end up in the dot dead gorgeous line due to the pattern on her dress.

I want that Lagoona... I like this one more than Dawn of the Dance!

I'd 100% like to see Lagoona, Ghoulia and Valentine additions to the Sweet 1600 line. It's a shame all sources are pointing to Mattel not having plans to continue Sweet 1600, they're far more interesting than Derp Dead Gorgeous imho, though they are too expensive. Funny though, Mattel's definitely recycled/adapted Cleo's 1600 design to the Ghouls Rule series! 

i wonder if ghoulia will be a dot dead  gorgous doll too...  just looking at the dots on her dress makes me wonder..  lagoona i am unsure!

I hope they come out in another set! Or maybe they will appear in a second wave of ghouls rule seeing as cleo's in that?

I just can't believe Mattel passed up making a Valentine doll considering how popular vampires are...


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