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Found on ebay Looks like Lagoona will have the Surfer sign again!

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Hadn't thought about that, but it is a good point!  lol  Seems like the littlest jar could make her stitching come loose!


I want the Operetta and Ghoulia.  The dolls for Frankie and Lagoona are cute, but their outfits are kind of blah to me.  Love, love, love Ghoulia's brain helmet.  So far they haven't made an outfit for Operetta I don't like...well, I kind of wish her skates matched her outfit better, but I'll survive.  My daughter will probably want them in this order, Frankie, Lagoona, Operetta, Ghoulia. 
Cemetery Minda said:

Can't wait for these dolls!!!! Does anyone else think it's not the best idea for Frankie to be in a roller derby? Not that I don't love her, but her parts tend to fall off! LOL

So cute! I adore Ghoulia's and Operetta's outfit, will probably only buy Operetta and look to trade/buy Ghoulia's things from someone else :)
Does anyone know the price range, and when they'll be released in the UK? :3

That's such a great idea! :D

lilshorty said:

Seems like it would be great for stop motion.  After all, you can pull the hand off and put another Lagoona's hand on to make it look like she's actually moving her fingers. 
not a cat said:

I hate her hand like that, too! It's awkward to photograph, doesn't look good in stopmotions, and is annoying. : (

Triumvirate: Wun, Tou, & Thrii said:

I knew someone would find a picture like this eventually. Thanks for posting it!

And actually, I hate Lagoona's hand like that - lol, but I'm not surprised they used that mold again and actually it suits her roller derby version better than her SO version in my opinion. But anyway, I can't wait to get this Lagoona.

There finally out Aswell! Along with the DDG

When I set mine up the other day, I left Lagoona's hair the way they had it, so that the two tufts stuck out the front of the helmet. Not sure if I liked it at first, but figured I'd leave it for now, knowing I could always put it the way the pic shows. It's kinda growing on me now.

Anyone else have an opinion of this, or want to comment on whether they brushed the tufts out, or left them in?


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