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Which doll has the best boots? It's Elissabat by a long way for me!

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Elissabat has great boots, that's true! But what about Meowlody's sexy boots... and Clawdeen Freak du Chic... Impossible to choose! And I bet I have forgotten some other great ones...

'Boo York: City Ghouls' (the three-pack) Elle Eedee's boots, with that bizarre tubular platform, came to mind immediately!

I think 'Emoji' Frankie Stein's boots are impressive as well (apart from the colour...).

Oh yes! How could I forget Elle Eedee's boots! I love that doll. I bought her by herself on Ebay for her outfit (I had the other one already). I adore the boots, the little dress and jacket. So "cosmic fly"! She is fabulous!

And these boots...

I like rochelle’s boots.. :D

LOL i meant robecca

Art class Robecca's boots are great too!

Clawdeen's freak du chic boots were everything, her music festival gold boots were pretty slaying too. 

Yes, I love Clawdeen's Freak du Chic boots...and the doll! So great!

Yeah that is a really great doll, the whole Freak Du Chic line is really great.


Well, I don't know that I'd ever be able to decide, where style is concerned, because, in my own opinion, each of the ghouls has worn at least one pair of boots (or shoes, in general, anyway) that I fancy (If I had to choose, I might go with some of Draculaura's cool, interesting, heart-and-bat wing-inspired boots), but....

My favorite Monster High boots are, quite frankly, whichever ones I don't have to fight with whenever I'm trying to undress, or redress a doll. LOL! Sorry, but that's true for me, anyway.

I'll give everyone a tip about the shoes / the boots: The ones that are squishy are somewhat easier to remove.

<Disappears into a shadow>


The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

I like all of Robecca's steampunk stye boots and Vandala's boots(someone custom painted them & put pics online and the detail is amazing.)

I feel the need to 'third' the mention of Clawdeen's 'Freak du Chic' boots -- I was going to mention them myself but was beaten to it by Tula! (Definite agreement there! :D )  A superb 'edgy' design; I'm not usually a fan of over-knee boots, but they look fantastic, particularly with their details picked out in paint, for me at least.

Do Whisp's 'I Love Fashion' high gold boots count, or are they considered sandals?  They've got open toes, after all...


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