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Beware of this website! I placed an order there on July 2nd for 5 dolls. Got 4 of them last week after INUMEROUS messages to them, most of them ignored.

All I got was excuses on how they were having extra costs to send to me itens separately when I paid for shipping and dolls the day I ordered, and they were all in stock. Plus kept saying "we will ship monday" and many mondays went by everytime.

They did not sent me all dolls and as far as I can tell they will not send the missing one. 3 months have gone by.

Beware when buying from this place, they will take the money from you, and possibly not even send the items.

If you need more information I have all messages and trackings from them as confirmation.

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Please message my store to discuss, we have a competitor spreading malicious comments so we would welcome the chance to help if you could message us.


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