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Hi im jess and im here to talk to you about being kind.If you go to my story how i met ula d    how i met abby   and how i met specktra look at the comments only one person gave me good comments on every one the others are mean comments and thare saying i put no effert in it and its making me sad you mean peopol no who you are so plz be nice you no the saying if you dont have something nice to say dont say it at all and the peopol who were mean please dont comment mean things im not gonna give names here and just please be kind and chek out drssila and nessys vide tree eyed doll and at the end of the revew she talks about the kind campane be kind:)

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This entire thread is filled with typos, bad grammar and poor spelling. Oh well. No one is perfect.


My suggestion is to just use the spell check feature on the forum. If you see a word with a red line under it, you can right click it and get the correct spelling.


Also: Be sure to put your topics in the correct forum. This makes people less angry in general. If someone is already peeved that a topic is in the wrong forum, they're probably not going to be too nice over something so easy to pick on like spelling errors.


i took it the rong way :(


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