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Basic Clawdeen, Lagoona, Cleo and Garden Party Ghouls at Target

Hey guys! For the past few days I've seen the basic dolls for Clawdeen Lagoona and Cleo (finally) and the Garden party Ghoul line on Only thing is, none of them are orderable. Hopefully this means any day now? I took screen caps.

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mm the price point of the garden ghouls worries me honestly... it seems too cheap for elaborate dolls so I wonder where the cost cutting has happened and how little like their promos they will actually look.

but yay FINALLY the signature dolls for the interesting characters. Yeesh, taken them long enough.

My Target already did their reset, and I did not see any of these. The only new thing were the Electrified dolls. Quite pitiful if you ask me. :(

same with my local Targets...

also what happened to the Music Class dolls? havent seen them anywhere yet.

Good question! I have not seen them yet, either. It is soooooooo frustrating!! 

I am so tired of seeing basic Cawdeen, Cleo & Lagoona on the MH facebook, yet they are still not available anywhere. What gives??? 

I miss the days when a toy reset meant lots of new dolls to look at. What is happening???

I finally found the music class dolls at TRU but only Ari. Absolutely no Cleos, but at least they are finally showing up here. Also found the Party Ghouls. They had a whole bunch of Abbeys which I bought one of and a couple Rochelles. Only one Venus and yeah her body joints were all dodgy looking. But there was only one of her so maybe they are limiting her release cause they are trying to fix her.

Or idiots are still buying her because Mattel's right and their customers are in fact blind morons.

There's that option too.

I mean, the amount of people who've told me "oh i don't mind!" about it. If there's enough of em, well, that's who Mattel are marketing to. The people who don't give a damn and will throw money at any old tat.

Depressing isn't it?

I mean we can hope they're fixing her, but I really doubt they are. Their attitude toward complaints really was pretty "whatever, not our problem."

Music class is another line the UK isn't seeing along with dance the fright away and ghouls beast pet.

Then again, i've not seen any of the second wave of classroom dolls in any physical stores. I haven't seen any reboot MH on an actual store shelf in a while. Stores over here just aren't getting new stock at all.

I havent seen about a 3rd of the more recent R2 releases in stores. No Signature wave 2,  the music class(until now,) the Frankie with extra clothes thats meant to replace ILF, the 2nd wave WTMH Ive only seen once at Walmart, no Lots of Looks Dracu. Dont know whats going on with the distribution, maybe the stores are just not as interested in R2 or the line as a whole as much anymore. Target here has reduced the MH section to less than half an aisle! The section for DC Super Hero Girls is actually larger now.

Im not buying a Venus until they fix the joints.

My area has had the basic dolls for weeks. And Party Ghouls. Venus is the scarce doll in my area.

We've had the Music Ari and Cleo for longer than that. Ari seems cheaper than Cleo but it could just be the color scheme. Don't get me wrong, the comb harp is horrendous but there's just something about Ari's set I can't put my finger on.

I've only seen 3 of each party ghouls whenever I've ventured out. I finally icked up a Rochelle with normal eyes and love her! Despite what others say I love the colorfulness of this line!


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