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she is NOT Barbie and the rockers. She's way too cute and generic. No funky makeup, no outrageous perm. I like her pants though, my sister owned a pair of pants like that in the 90s lol.

But no, she's not a rocker barbie and calling her such is just insulting. they could at least have given her makeup!

I kinda like some of the clothes...

Liv Brites with guitars. Sorry not sorry.

But boy do I want those yellow pants...

She's nothing like the 80's dolls not even close but I do like those pants.

that hair is tragic

Image may contain: 5 people, people smiling

Er... why is Barbie yanking her own hair out?

that's such a bizarre pose, what on earth?

there are children included?

a violin, keytar, sax, drum and piano? Er... I don't know if that would work, I mean, you kinda need bass and there's no bass, where's the BASS!??

I find their lack of interesting makeup seriously disappointing. I mean aspects of their 80stastic outfits are fun, but ultimately, no makeup makes them look incomplete.

They definitely need eyeshadow... and a bass player.

I'm only interested in the Afro drummer, I'm defiantly gonna buy her, though the sax player looks promising if she turns out good I might get her too.

but yeah why is there children in the band? that dose not look like a good move to me?

looks like they are gonna use the curvy body on the violin girl and the tall body on the sax girl. If sax girl looks as awesome as her drawing I might have to get her.

wish they were all articulated like drum girl. :\

their arms at least should be, the little boy playing piano should be fully articulated as like the drums the piano requires it, though his feet can't even reach the peddles lol.

lol are they actually gonna try selling a Tommy doll with a piano set? they should have used Ken instead.

btw, if they are going for an 80's look, I dont recall platform shoes/sneakers and knee high stockings being popular at that time. Weren't they more of a 90's thing?


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