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I have the Skull Shores Ghoulia, and while I think she is DIVINE, I'm having problems with her legs. Her left thigh appears to be having some seam splittage, and while I can understand that contributing to the lower leg being wobbly and loose in that leg, the other lower leg is also loose. Is there anyway to fix EITHER of these problems? If so, how? She's from 2011 and thankfully, has the ball + socket legs, but I feel like if I try and put any other clothing on her, she'll fall apart.

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Don`t worry-my SS Lagoona has wobbly legs as well, even though she has elastic hips.I don`t think you can do anything about Ghoulia`s legs, but don`t be afraid-she won`t fall apart.MHD might seem fragile, but they stand to tough play.Just don`t wobble her legs so they don`t get even looser.


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