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This appeared on Tumblr and on Facebook - supposedly it's legit. It's a contest on the official MH site to decide which backgrounder will get a doll in 2015 but since Gory was trademarked i can see the thing being steered towards her. Making a doll requires some planning time ahead. I Would have loved the official harpy girl though she's the second most common backgrounder after Gilda to me. It's still nice to see that they're planning to make more students from the school as dolls though.

Ryder and his wheelchair though could be a very good SDCC kind of "special" doll, with his own special box and new body mold to accomodate the wheelchair. I'm just throwing ideas out.

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I really don't want any of them myself, I just want Gory because hopefully Bram will come with her.  I also would not be surprised if they were, or at least the winner will be, SDCC.

I think, along with others, that Ryder will be the SDCC exclusive. Just due to the special mould, the wheelchair, the box... Everything. I can't help but wonder if another one will be SDCC too... But I think Gory and Bram will be TRU exclusives.

If Mattel follows previous patterns, perhaps Quill or Gory will be an SDCC exclusive with a theme that ties in to another line (like Wydowna and Power Ghouls) or feature a brand new character (like Scarah and Hoodude)?  I was thinking that, because of the possible wheelchair accessory, Rider would be like Bloodgood and Nightmare and released as a store exclusive.

Though when Iris and Manny were leaked, many correctly predicted they would be an SDCC exclusive, so I trust the community's judgement.  In any case, his release is a long way off so I'll start saving now because some scalpers have to put their children through college.

I cannot see Rider/Finnegan getting a standard release down to a few factors. His size (Hopefully he'd use the Manny upper torso), tattoos, the size of that chair etc.

Yeah it'll SUCK to have the representative "disabled" character be unavailable to the general community, but he feels sdcc designy to me. A risky design like Wydowna that's very popular with an older demographic but perhaps too "out there" for the little girls who Mattel seem to think are their target demographic. (Hense all the pinkification)

I am crazy excited about the prospect of Quill and Rider though. Bram and Gory is nice too sure, but they're not exactly going to have any "omg amazing" body sculpt details. They are rather "safe" designwise being yet another set of vampires blah blah blah. Pretty dolls sure, great to have them finally released, but they're the least visually arresting of the designs presented here. Which suggests to me, they'll get a mainstream release lol.

Quill i'm really curious how they'll do her face, her feathers etc. Will she have sculpted hair or just hair instead of feathery bits? Will she have a really pointed "beak-like" nose like I hope? hahah. They got Gilda down pretty good so i'm hopeful she'll be great as well. Now she just needs her Faun buddy (aren't they usually together?) and we totally need that plant girl lol.

How on earth did the percent of the votes change? Quill is now at 6% (before it was a pitiful 7%) and Gory is at 17% (she was at 22%)  while Finnegan is nicely sitting on the throne of winners with a nice 77% (before it was just 70%).  I personally don't mind that Quill or Gory are losing, they'll more than likely end up with dolls anyway. Quill wouldn't be a very nice doll, she'd probably have plastic hair which wouldn't really be liked by anyone and her clothes aren't exactly ... great looking. Gory ... ugh, can someone explain why she's still wearing her ex-school uniform? I know she was just a backgrounder and that's why she never got a proper outfit, but with Mattel's pattern her doll would have the boring uniform. Finnegan (I don't know why they'd change his name) I want to own, he'll probably be the SDCC, because that's how the last contest worked, I hope he's not a one-time-only doll , I also hope he doesn't look too much like Gil. EDIT: I just realized that the percent's are going down because Finnegan seems to be getting more votes. so it's not that someone's toying with it. it's just a percentage of each characters overall votes, why didn't I think about that before? 

This is exciting! Like others have mentioned they'll most likely all get dolls, and the contest winner will probably be SDCC 2015 exclusive, like with the vote where Scarah won.

I'm very happy for all these characters, but I find it strange they changed Ryder's name. What was wrong with the name Ryder? I wonder what's up with this.

You are absolutely right, I didn't think of that.

looking at it in this perspective I'm actually happy they changed his name.

Triumvirate said:

I'm thinking the people who made the webisodes named him Ryder and the Monster High team wanted something more in keeping with Monster High naming practices? Also, and maybe more importantly, for the sake of political correctness they wanted a name that was more monster centric than wheelchair centric - person first language as opposed to disability first language. "Ryder" suggest he's all about being in wheelchair. Finnegan Wake sounds like a fish and a surfer and to me reflects what he actually is better then what he does. 

Mighoula Scaremeyer said:

This is exciting! Like others have mentioned they'll most likely all get dolls, and the contest winner will probably be SDCC 2015 exclusive, like with the vote where Scarah won.

I'm very happy for all these characters, but I find it strange they changed Ryder's name. What was wrong with the name Ryder? I wonder what's up with this.

That was my assumption with rider as well. I assume Ryder/Rider is a nickname more than anything else, much  like Gil and Slo Mo got longer names when they got dolls.

I always liked Gory and Bram's prep uniform lol. Maybe they still wear it as a sorta elitist thing, or their regular outfits just happen to resemble uniforms. I dunno. I like her outfit, but i'm a sucker for ties and blazers ahem.

I would venture to say that the name "Rider" is too general a term to be trademarkable on its own.

Peronslily I LOVE Ryder, his personality is great in the show and it would be something just completely refreshing. Although we do need a non CAM bird-like doll as well. Gory has not interest for me.... he design is very borning in my opinion and her character inspires no love in the webisodes to make her attractive to me.


I can see this happening, anything with an unusual sulpt or new dolls that can do into pairs are usually SDCC, which is a real shame considering most of us will never be able to get them. One can hope that they will release different versions of them down the line [such as Wydowna] but there is no telling if all of them will. Personally if they are going through the trouble of making the new molds they alll should at least get a second public release, but Mattel like to make things "collectable" hints why there are FAR fewer males made and distrubuted than females.
Triumvirate said:

Yes, in 2011 there was a poll to determine whether Scarah Screams, Wydowna Spider, or Headmistress Blooggood would become a doll in 2012. Scarah Screams supposedly won, so she was the SDCC exclusive in 2012 and Wydowna was the SDCC exclusive in 2013. And then, of course, Headmistress was a TRU exclusive in 2013 as well. 

Since I saw her trademark my assumption was that Gory would be the next SDCC exclusive. If Finnegan wins the vote, as it appears he will, I also think he could possibly be the SDCC exclusive. One of those two I assume will be the 2015 SDCC exclusive.

I really don't want Quill to be an SDCC exclusive. I think she'd be better for a store exclusive like Gilda too, as others have been saying. 

Colton Davenport said:

In this thread, I keep reading that the winner of the poll will most likely be an SDCC exclusive. I've only been in the MH fandom since late spring 2013 so was another poll produced before and the winner of that poll became an SDCC doll?


That's pretty funny.  I don't think anyone can put a lot of stock into a poll that has no IP tracking, lets you vote as many times as you want and doesn't even require you to log in to vote, but if it gets people excited for these characters and their upcoming dolls, vote till your fingers bleed!

They may also have the poll set up to shuffle the votees every now and then because of that ease of clicking.  I wouldn't be surprised if tomorrow Gory is in the center spot.

No matter who wins, I think we all win in this situation.  These are all going to be neat dolls.


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