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This appeared on Tumblr and on Facebook - supposedly it's legit. It's a contest on the official MH site to decide which backgrounder will get a doll in 2015 but since Gory was trademarked i can see the thing being steered towards her. Making a doll requires some planning time ahead. I Would have loved the official harpy girl though she's the second most common backgrounder after Gilda to me. It's still nice to see that they're planning to make more students from the school as dolls though.

Ryder and his wheelchair though could be a very good SDCC kind of "special" doll, with his own special box and new body mold to accomodate the wheelchair. I'm just throwing ideas out.

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If you look up the traditional description of a bruja, they travel in the form of an owl & sometimes retain the wings during their haunting of a person.

calebtobey said:

It's on the mexican site

but there's obviously a mistake. The harpy girl - whose name is Trina Talon - it's called daughter of a bruja - a witch. But she has wings and feathers!!! she looks nothing like a witch - it must be a mistake

Even if Finnegan "Ryder" is a SDCC exclusive, it doesn't mean he won't get a mainstream release. So far, just about every other SDCC exclusive has found its way to store shelves in one form or another. But I don't want to have to fight to get him thru a second party and pay out the nose to get him, either. I'm hoping he's released retail.

Finnegan is in the lead in the south american poll. 46% of the vote. Gory has 40%.

He's also steadily bridging the gap in the English poll. He was 17000 votes behind a few hours ago, now he's 16000 votes.

KEEP VOTING GUYS! Let's get Finnegan back in the lead!

The poll ended last night with Finnegan Wake in a clear lead, Gory second and Quill third.  I don't know when we'll hear the 'official' results, but Finnegan's lead in the US poll was about 15,000 votes ahead of Gory.

YES! you rock fandom! well done!

We may not get him in regular stores, but it sends a clear message to Mattel that boys are wanted, and representation is desired.

So does this mean the others will get released though? I kind of want Quill if they make her a bit better like with Iris and her vest. Something to make her a bit more out there, then Gory could come to stores finally or not I don't really care but I like her uniform. Now if they would make more characters from the Crescent Moon High like Romulus.


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