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This appeared on Tumblr and on Facebook - supposedly it's legit. It's a contest on the official MH site to decide which backgrounder will get a doll in 2015 but since Gory was trademarked i can see the thing being steered towards her. Making a doll requires some planning time ahead. I Would have loved the official harpy girl though she's the second most common backgrounder after Gilda to me. It's still nice to see that they're planning to make more students from the school as dolls though.

Ryder and his wheelchair though could be a very good SDCC kind of "special" doll, with his own special box and new body mold to accomodate the wheelchair. I'm just throwing ideas out.

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Considering we're pretty sure the last vote was rigged, i wouldn't be surprised if this was just as much of a farce.

Given the options and the fact Gory is already trademarked, she'll win surely?

But I feel it in my bones that Ryder, the most interesting and complex design (with that wheelchair) will NEVER see a mainstream release. He's gonna be the sdcc exclusive, I just... that's my bet.

We will see I believe a Bram/Gory two pack, though whether that gets a mainstream release or a "screw you" sdcc exclusive release is anyone's guess. i know there's already been speculation those two would be released, adn I hope it's a mainstream release because I want them.

hell, i want all three of these characters to get dolls. If the last vote is anything to go on, these three WILL get dolls eventually. Just a question of who gets one first.

Gory's trademarked, so she'll be first.

I love that bird girl, I always assumed she was a harpy honestly.

It's on the mexican site

but there's obviously a mistake. The harpy girl - whose name is Trina Talon - it's called daughter of a bruja - a witch. But she has wings and feathers!!! she looks nothing like a witch - it must be a mistake

Bruja makes no sense at all in this context. It's gotta be an error.

I've always assumed she was a harpy or something, but they may go more obscure. They've been doing that a lot recently, going with a bit more obscure ethnic monsters.

i truly believe the contest is rigged. They already know Gory is gonna win, she's been trademarked. Also, the site let me gave 40 votes to Trina with no sign of stopping me or requiring a registration... suspicious at least

purple_monkfish said:

Considering we're pretty sure the last vote was rigged, i wouldn't be surprised if this was just as much of a farce.

Given the options and the fact Gory is already trademarked, she'll win surely?

I want Ryder or the Harpy girl to get a doll, couldn't care less about little b-word Gory.

Daughter of the Bruja? Either a mistake or it's the same case as Scarah, an alien looking girl, supposedly being a Banshee. Do they choose monster origins out of a hat when they have to assign them to backgrounders, forreal.

Whenever Mattel runs contests like this, every selection ends up being produced.  It's just the how and when that the voting determines.  I would not be surprised that the winner ends up being the 2015 SDCC exclusive, so everyone just may as well brace themselves for that right now.

All this contest really promises is that the winner will be made in 2015, which means that the other two could show up in other forms in 2016 and beyond, just like Wydowna and Bloodgood did.

The poll is here if you want to vote. Like some have said it's likely all of them will become dolls in the future, but this might determine which one gets released first.

Also, Rider and Trina's names have suddenly turned into Finnegan Wake and Quill Talyntino, the two recently trademarked names.

This could be somewhat of a good news if it didn't clash with Rider being called Rider in his webisode... they fixed the bruja issue though

woah Rider already has 2000+ votes, 70% of the total. Gory 23% with 700+ votes and Quill just 6%
so Rider (or finnegan) is going to win this thing for sure, i'd like to know how they will release his doll. Makes the whole thing more even now that not only Gory is freshly trademarked, but the other two too.

Zombie Passer-By said:

Also, Rider and Trina's names have suddenly turned into Finnegan Wake and Quill Talyntino, the two recently trademarked names.

I've always paired Quill with Gilda, she's one of the most detailed backgrounders. She surely will get a doll at some point, like Gilda did out of nowhere. I'd say next 5 pack. Rider is more risky, i'd pair him with Manny "special doll with new body mold unfit for the retail market but worth of a collector's item in need of his own special box to fit the wheelchair... " it screams SDCC.

I'm not keen of a bully doll being made, i wouldn't want kids to be inspired by Gory. And she'd be the third vampire. But i can see them tone down her bitchyness in the bio and diary to make her sell - but after the way she bullied howleen in 13 wishes there's not much they can do to make me like her.

They made a doll of Toralei and Nefera and neither of them are particularly pleasent either though.

I wonder.. Rider maybe a nickname (Like Gill is Gillington and Slo mo is Sloman)? Quill must be a monsterified version of the name "Jill" lol. I totally called that it was a Harpy name and finnegan being attributed to a sea monster. Go me.

78% of the vote for rider/finnegan... wowza. That is INSANE. Only 4% for Quill... huh... but if this vote goes how  the last one went, that means she'll get the first doll. *eyeroll*

Im eager for ALL of them. Like.. NOW. hah.

I'm so worried that one of these are going to look really good and end up SDCC. I feel like people would like Finnegan for his wheel chair, but because of that people will not be able to get him because of being SDCC. Gory is maybe going to be part of a new basic line with Bram and in that line maybe Johnny. But then like before Quill will become a SDCC like Wydowna (time goes fast)? Or I hope part of the basic line, 2015 is not far but I think we will start getting Haunted and Monster Transfer in late November. I really do hope they keep their promise (even though last time they didn't) to get the winner the FIRST new doll and world wide release. Scarah should have been first not Nefera or Toralei.

I'm surprised Rider has such a high vote count already, but it may be a bit skewed as the people voting right now are probably mostly adult fans who found out about the contest early. Once the vote spreads among social media and commercials, maybe it will even out a bit?

However, I honestly think this poll means nothing in the long run; any doll they were intending to release in 2015 would already be in the sculpting/tooling pipeline. All of these dolls are going to make it out in some form.

Triumvirate said:

We like Quill the best, but dang is Finnegan on fire! I did not anticipate that he'd be such a huge runaway favorite. I'm also kind of surprised they went with him and not Johnny Spirit. I always liked Finnegan better myself, but Johnny seemed to be the more popular of the two with fans?


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