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Are they the same color? As I would like to buy a J.B. body and a A.T. head to make an Avea which is less bulky and also capable of wearing bottoms.

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Hi, would be grateful for any insight. Thanks, God bless, and stay safe out there with this whole mess of a pandemic and all...

I don't have Jane near me to compare but I think it would work. Somebody gave me one Avea without forearms and I was thinking of finding Jane's arms for her. It is a good idea to put Avea on Jane's body. I have never dared to do body swaps before... I might conquer my fear... lol

Hello, Venomous_Venus,

That idea sounds great! I'll bet that your new Avea will become a very stylish monster! 

I'm not crazy about Avea's face, so if you ever get that Avea body, would you consider selling it, and, if you did, how much would you want to charge for it? I've always wanted the Avea body, and I'm sure that I could find a head for it....ROTFLOL! I know, I know; that just sounds weird, but we are talking about "Monster High" here, so monster terms abound, right? 

<Disappears into a shadow>


The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

Surely, when and IF I decide to concoct my little project I will have no use for the body. I will keep you posted.

Thanks for this. I wanted to find some forearms for Avea but now that I have seen how great she looks on a "human" body I am really tempted to do my first head swap. I have another complete avea so it would make sense. The problem... what will I do with her body? hmmm I am in Europe so it would be a bit difficult to send it to the states. We pay huge customs fees for items coming from the US. I don't know how it is in the US for items coming from Europe. This is the reason why I never buy anything on Ebay coming from the US.

I would leave Avea's arms on a Jane's body then drill holes for the wings in her back. That would be kick-ass.

SOOOO regret never getting Avea! She was just too bulky at the time when I had such a massive collection that I had no room for her, hence why I also sold my Gooliope doll. The only Freaky Fusion I had was Oppy.

I am sure you can find Avea quite cheap second hand if you have more space now. She is not that bulky out of box. I don't think we will ever see anything like her in the future. She is quite unique, I have bought one on Ebay complete very cheap aroud Christmas. I coud not stand to have one without arms! It was driving me nuts! lol

I don't have Gooliope. I have terrible space issues as well. I regret a bit but...

The no pants and horse, or centaur, body just is meh to me though...

I know what you mean. I was thinking the same thing before I saw her out of box. I would have never bought her when she was in shops. I have changed my mind.

It works well! This is Adele. I took some quick pics, but they arent the best and her hair is a bit messy. The other girl is named Dillan. Also, idk why the pics are sideway lol


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