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This is a list for sightings in Australia (although New Zealand sightings would be fine, considering the lack of NZ Members). Please feel free to comment. I will try to update the list as often as possible.

(I am going to stop posting sightings for Skull shores and Sweet 1600 (unless it's Cupid) because it seems that pretty much everyone has found them. Feel free to leave a comment about finding them, just don't expect it to get on the list.)


Adelaide, South Australia MYERS (Operetta, Nefera)

????????????????????? TARGET (Operetta, Nefera)

Newton, South Australia TARGET (Operetta, Nefera)

Fulham, South Australia TARGET (Operetta, Nefera)

Michelton, Queensland TARGET (Operetta, Nefera)

Inner West Sydney, NSW TARGET (Lots of Abbey, Spectra, Toralei)

 Maitland, NSW KMART (Sweet 1600)

Kotara, NSW KMART (Sweet 1600)

Chermside, Queensland KMART (Sweet 1600)


Michelton, Queensland MR TOYS TOYWORLD (Draculaura & Clawd gift set, Operetta & Nefera, Skull Shores Gill)

Melbourne, Vic KMART ( Sweet 1600)

Mt Druitt, NSW KMART (Sweet 1600)

West Lakes, South Australia, KMART (Sweet 1600)

Kotara, NSW, TOYS R US (Clawd+ Draculaura pack, Draculaura's Roadster,Classroom dolls)

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Yes now Australia has one of these I will go to a Kmart or target tomorrow if I find anything I will tell it seems Melbourne is getting monster high dolls first because toralei,Abby,and skull shores came to Melbourne first and I think the fashion packs

I have Nefera I am from Adelaide south Australia. I bought her from Myer and they also have Operetta there.

I heard and saw in a video they were found in a target somewhere so I'm calling target tomorrow

i saw post on facebook by my friend Maitland and Kotara in NSW have sweet 1600 dolls for $39 :) i rang the two closest kmarts to me but they didnt have anything. neither did they have operetta or Nefera :( so im calling again on saturday morning before i go over there to see if they get them between now and saturday

Sorry I posted 1600 sighting list withought looking found all of them but no Cupid operetta or nefera

Melbourne Vic ( sweet 1600)

Mt Druitt, NSW KMARt (Sweet 1600) No cupid

Yep sorry forgot to say kmart

It's ok *edited*.

afrokid said:

Yep sorry forgot to say kmart

operetta and nefera are now at target newton adelaide.

awesome.ive seen 1600,ss and fashion packs(warick,kmart)

Operetta and nefera are now at target michelton, QLD

Sweet 1600 dolls at kmart chermside QLD

Omfg!! I almost had a heart attack reading this lol! I live like 20 minutes from there! I'm soooo getting operetta and Nefera. Thank you so much for posting this! 

April Limestar said:

Operetta and nefera are now at target michelton, QLD

Sweet 1600 dolls at kmart chermside QLD


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