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Australia now has sweet 1600!! ( also add your listings here)

Okay I am happy today that I was walking into the Kmart wherei found ore fashion packs and the skull shores line to look for nefera and opperetta and I had to force myself not to scream!!!!!!......

Luckily a little girl next tome did instead she ran around the store even with....

Sweet1600 is now available in Au

I am so excited there were sooooooo many nothing but them they had heaps of draculaura Frankie clawdeen and clawd I just had to buy draculaura now I have to decide if I should inbox her or not and of you don't believe me then look for full proof



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Omg yay! Finally lol! QLD gets them like a week or 2 after you guys. Maybe Cupid will pop up too =D 

Dont worry there has been a lot of pics on face book :) they have also been seen at Kmart Kotara NSW and Kmart Maitland NSW i rang glendale and waratah nothing yet but im ringing again on saturday morning caz im applying for a job at kmart so ill look while im there ^.^


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