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Hi All,

Just wanted to see if anyone was interested but at the Walmart near my house they have a bunch of Monster High and Ever After High Dolls on clearance.  I remember seeing some Freaky Fusion Dolls (Ghoulia Yelps, Sarah Screams), Clawdeen Wolf Save Frankie, some of the new underwater types, Casta Fierce, and some Raven (and I believe Apple White) Getting Fairest.  I can go and get pictures if anyone is truly interested as there were other ones that I can't remember.

I'd been willing to pick up any that anyone wants (1st come, 1st serve) for the actual price + shipping + 10/15 dollar finder fee. The Freaky Fusion dolls were coming up around 14 dollars and I think the rest were around $20.

I also have a line on a Invisi Billy (if it's still at the store) the box was kind of banged up though.

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