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i will do artwork requests. I will take a request of a custom or OC. I will draw them and message them to you. you will need a description of your OC if it is a custom. If you have a good description i will do the request (i need things like, body shape, height,  and it's body pose. you can tell me if you want me to use Paint (the computer thingy) or draw it on paper. you also need to include in the description, eye color, hair color, skin color, ETC. thanks, bye!


1. please give me time to finish other drawings before i do your request

do not get mad if i dont get your request to you right when you ask

2. please do not reject the drawing i give you ( i doubt any of you guys will do that)

3. i will message you the drawing and you can post it on your page or print it out!

4. please tell me if you want me to draw your OC/custom on paper or the computer app paint.


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Coming from the hypocrite herself.

CandyCanes said:

I agree with Rue. Stop using bases without giving credit to the creator!


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