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Just in case anyone is curious (and cares to read through a pretty boring and somewhat annoying chat...) this is my transcript from my online chat with customer service re: replacement arms for broken dolls...

UGH (but maybe okay, especially since the Cleo's referred to are the "play" dolls and I still have my displays...

Not sure I am going to even spend the money on the postage. (Incidentally, the arms are actually LOST as well as broken)

Here it is:

Customer Chat

Chat Transcript

Please wait while we find an agent to assist you...

You have been connected to MATTEL.

MATTEL:  Hi Lisa, thank you for contacting Mattel. My name is Susan. How can I help you today?

Lisa *******:  Hi. We have several Monster High dolls whose arms have snapped off in the sockets and are now not functioning.

Lisa *******:  I see that I can order replacement arms for Lagoona

Lisa *******:  However, we also have 2 Cleo de Nile's and a Ghoulia who have the same issue

MATTEL:  I can assist you with this. Are you referring to the lower arm/hand?

Lisa *******:  Is it possible to get replacements for those dolls too?

Lisa *******:  yes, at the elbow

Lisa *******:  where they normally come off

Lisa *******:  but the peg broke off

MATTEL:  I would like to set up a return for you. If you can send the dolls to us, we will be able to send you either a replacement product, if available or a voucher. Can you print from your computer if I send you a return label by email?

Lisa *******:  I don't want to return the dolls altogether, as they are no longer available in most stores

MATTEL:  I do not have replacement arms/hand available for all the dolls. I am sorry.

Lisa *******:  hmmm.

MATTEL:  Which Cleo dolls do you have?

Lisa *******:  Do you know if they will be available in the future (like lagoona's are?)

Lisa *******:  One is a Gloom Beach, the other is Wave 2

Lisa *******:  The Ghoulia is the Gloom Beach

MATTEL:  What is Wave 2???

Lisa *******:  School's Out line

Lisa *******:  (Basic, 2011, with diary)

Lisa *******:  Actually that one is available in stores, so maybe I could send that one back

MATTEL:  I would need all three dolls returned to either replace them or send a voucher to purchase replacements.

Lisa *******:  Is it possible to send just the Cleo's and not the Ghouia? I tried to purchase a used one on ebay just for the arms and people want a ton of money, so I know they are scarce

Lisa *******:  I guess Ghoulia can have one arm

MATTEL:  Lisa, one moment please.

Lisa *******:  she is a zombie

Lisa *******:  okay

Lisa *******:  thanks

MATTEL:  You have Gloom Beach Cleo and a Gloom Beach Ghoulia. Correct?

Lisa *******:  Yes

Lisa *******:  and a Schoool's Out Cleo

MATTEL:  The second Cleo is not schools out. Which one is she? What is she wearing?

Lisa *******:  She is wearing leggings and has a headband

Lisa *******:  She has a diary, but it's the second diary

Lisa *******:  not the one with Deuce

MATTEL:  Please hold a moment.

Lisa *******:  thanks

MATTEL:  Ghoulia is not gloom beach. What is she wearing?

Lisa *******:  She came in a 5 pack from Target

Lisa *******:  red shorts/swimsuit

Lisa *******:

Lisa *******:  that is cleo

Lisa *******:

Lisa *******:  that is the 5-pack with Ghoulia & Cleo

MATTEL:  Thank you. Please hold.

Lisa *******:  thanks

MATTEL:  I have replacement dolls that I can send. They may be dressed in a different fashion though.

Lisa *******:  Is it possible to send the Cleo's and not the Ghoulia? I can live with her having just one arm, I don't want to chance not getting a Gloom Beach version.

MATTEL:  You will get a replacement Ghoulia dressed in another fashion.

Lisa *******:  For instance, if you were to send the Skull Shores Ghoulia instead of Gloom Beach. It's a replacement in a way, but they are all different

MATTEL:  Yes, I know.

Lisa *******:  We have a Skull Shores

Lisa *******:  I would like to just send the Cleo dolls and forget about Ghouila

Lisa *******:  I would rather keep a broken one of that version

MATTEL:  Okay, let me get a little more information on the Cleo dolls. Do you have both dolls with you?

Lisa *******:  No, I am at my office, I can probably find a receipt though since I purchased online

Lisa *******:  would that work?

MATTEL:  I am looking for the date codes that are molded into the dolls' back. When did you purchase the School's Out version of Cleo?

Lisa *******:  I just found my amazon receipt.

Lisa *******:  She was purchased on 7/29/11

MATTEL:  The email I send you will arrive in the next 36 hours. It will contain the return instructions and a United States Postal Service traceable return label. You will need to pay the postage when you return your Monster High Dolls. . It is important that you obtain a receipt of postage paid, as proof of mailing. Please read and follow the instructions in your (email/letter) carefully to ensure that your package is processed properly. The entire return process can take up to 6 weeks.

Lisa *******:  thanks

MATTEL:  You will receive two mailing labels for two dolls to be returned.

Lisa *******:  ok, great

MATTEL:  If you change your mind and want to return Ghoulia as well for a replacement doll, you will need to chat back for a third label.

Lisa *******:  ok, sounds good

Lisa *******:  thank you

MATTEL:  You will send both dolls back together, put one label on the outside of the box and the other inside the box with the dolls.

MATTEL:  What is your mailing address please?

Lisa *******: 

Lisa *******: 

Lisa *******: 

Lisa *******: 

MATTEL:  Please remember to check all your inbox folders including junk, trash and spam for the return labels.

MATTEL:  When was the other Cleo purchased?

Lisa *******:  Ok

Lisa *******:  The other Cleo I may have purchased in-store (or else I may have deleted the email)

MATTEL:  When?

Lisa *******:  actually, I will check amazon

Lisa *******:  almost as soon as she was released

Lisa *******:  I'm checking my order history with amazon, but i'm not sure if that's where i made the purchase, I also shop at Toys R Us often

Lisa *******:  one moment

Lisa *******:  I am checking

Lisa *******:  I did not purchase her on amazon, she may have been in-store

MATTEL:  That's fine. I will put Toys R Us roughly the same time as the other Cleo?

Lisa *******:  Yes, I think that is probably accurate

Lisa *******:  definitely in 2011

Lisa *******:  spring/summer

MATTEL:  I do not have a gloom beach Cleo, but I can send another Cleo dressed in a different fashion.

Lisa *******:  Do you know which one?

MATTEL:  Dead Tired

Lisa *******:  ok, I think that will be fine

MATTEL:  Thank you. I have two labels being emailed to you for the return of two dolls for replacement.

MATTEL:  Is there anything else I can help you with today?

Lisa *******:  No thank you!

MATTEL:  You are very welcome. Thank you for contacting Mattel. Have a nice day!

Lisa *******:  You too

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Ugh! What a pain! I called the company last spring when my daughter's Sweet 1600 Draculaura's arm snapped off, and we were sent a new one, at no cost, within 3 weeks. The company didn't even ask for the old one back, shipping costs, nada. I was really impressed, and my daughter was thrilled! So sorry things were much more difficult with your dolls!


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