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I ask because I responded to several of the threads where dolls are for sale and also sent PMs saying I was interested in buying dolls or accessories.  I have never gotten even one response.  What's up with that?

I haven't been in the forum for a couple of months because of illness, but I really was/am interested in buying dolls because with my illness I can't get out to the stores, plus I wanted to support people who want to sell their dolls.  I really began to wonder if people were serious about selling.  It's so weird not to get even one response.  Not even to say sorry that is already sold, or whatever.  SHRUG

I'm not trying to be rude.  I really do wonder what happened.  


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Not sure what others' excuses are, but I am selling all of mine! Just posted a thread :D Shoot me a message if I have any you need!

I've run in to that too. I have a couple of dolls for sale and always answer people. It would be rude not to.

I have dolls for sale check out my page to see them.. thank you

I've ran into that issue as well. It's kinda sad.

I have dolls for sale on my page, I always reply


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