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Sometimes I feel too old to be collecting dolls.  I'm 28 years old and I love collecting Monster High dolls (currently have 16 and looking for more), Jem dolls, action figures...etc  But how old is too old?  Or are you ever too old?


How old are you and what do you think?? 


Let's use this to see what the average age of a Monster High fan is!

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I don't think your ever too old for dolls, my grandmother at the time of her death at 92 years old had over 3,000 dolls and play figures.. now that's a bit much and I don't think I will ever again see that many dolls in such a tiny house again. they covered pretty much every inch of her house. She had shelves built into them with glass panels so they could be displayed. But it was what she loved and enjoyed, even if others thought it was strange.

I learned to love dolls because of her, and probably will for the rest of my life. I'm not ashamed to admit that at 31 years old I still "play" with dolls. 

I just turned 40 and ive been collecting a lot different things my whole life and I plan on collecting till the day I

I love the dolls but I also love the hunt as well...and now that I am older and I can afford most of the things I want,it makes collecting that much more enjoyable most of the time....

50 years old here. I consider them art. So I don't feel bad at all.


I'm 27 and I've always collected dolls and stuffed animals. It's always been my hobby and I enjoy my collection! :) My grandma is 92 and still displays her porcelain dolls proudly, so I don't think you can ever be "too old." Anyone who says that probably collects something as well. To each their own!

As long as they make you happy, and you love the dolls, you'll never outgrow them.

I can't believe that I never responded to this!

Anyway, I'm 44, and I believe that you are NEVER too old for dolls.  Why give up something because of some silly timetable that says that at X age, you should be beyond dolls and toys? 

My mom tried to shame me into giving up my dolls and such, starting when I was 7.  As I got older, she began pointing out the minimum age on a toy's packaging and lamenting that I was regressing in age, i.e. "It says 'ages 3 and up.'  You're too old for it, because it's for 3-year-olds!  Are you 3 years old?  Do I have to start treating you like a baby again?"  She did get me to give up most of my dolls to my 9-year-old cousin (why was it okay for my 9-year-old cousin to have dolls, but not 9-year-old me?) when I was about 14, because my cousin had just come to the U.S. and had left everything behind in the old country, but within a couple of years, I began noticing some of the nice new dolls at the time, like Jem, and the doll collector in me reawoke.  My collecting has had its hills and valleys (my collecting waned in the 90's because very little appealed to me then), but it's in full force right now with MH, EAH, and I'm waiting patiently for the Bratz re-launch next year (for those of you who don't know, MGA is putting the Bratz on a 1-year hiatus in order to properly re-vamp and re-launch them).

Doll collecting is just another hobby; why should it be stigmatized because it seems "immature" to others?  If people are giving you a hard time over collecting dolls because they find it childish, that's their problem, not yours.


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