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Sometimes I feel too old to be collecting dolls.  I'm 28 years old and I love collecting Monster High dolls (currently have 16 and looking for more), Jem dolls, action figures...etc  But how old is too old?  Or are you ever too old?


How old are you and what do you think?? 


Let's use this to see what the average age of a Monster High fan is!

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I'm 20 years old! I just started collecting them, but I have to say. I'm completely obsessed. I feel as though I'm too old as well, but honestly, my vote goes to collecting is ageless.
I'm 25 but my mum collects sindy dolls & she's in her 50s so I guess you can't be too old
I don't think you're ever too old. Anyone who thinks someone is "too old" for anything... Eh, those people are just being shallow.
I'm 22(will be 23 next month) and I still love collecting dolls, always have, prob. always will. Don't worry about it, my grandmother's friend is in her 60s and she has a huge doll collection. Just enjoy your dolls and collecting. :)
lol, same here! I'll be 18 in two days and I know she's right, I should save, but I love the dolls so much!

Rei Rei said:
i'm 18 and my mom says i need to focus on college instead of "waisting" the money on the dolls -_-" but i want them so baaad!!!
im 29, and have been collecting spooky dollies for arounn 10 years. i stopped for 2 or 3 years in ther coz times got hard, but  monster high briught me back to collecting.  , as of right now i have around 100 action figure/dollies/plushes in my collection from many diffrent lines. (BE goths, LDD,little apple dolls, doom doll, toxic toons and so on...)  i may stop buying again someday, but i will always enjoy my collection!

I'm 12. I only have Ghoulia. 


I was embarrassed to tell my parents of my obsession, but I received a Ghoulia for excellent text results. (High Distinction x2, Distinct x1 and Credit x1)

I'm so glad to see older fans! Makes me feel less embarrassed about the whole thing. Or running in TRU to get to the MH section. =p
I'm 26 and after I hit about 11-12 yrs old, I thought I was done with dolls forever.  I packed up all my barbies, american girl dolls, etc, and gave them away.  I never gave dolls a second thought until I saw my first Monster High in a store ad.  I remember thinking how awesome they looked, and that I wouldn't mind having one of those.  Then one day in February I was in Target shopping with friends, and there was Frankie and Draculaura sitting on the shelf.  I carried them both around the store with me for about an hour before finally deciding on Draculaura.  Two days later I went back for Frankie...then Ghoulia...then Lagoona...and you guys probably know the rest! I currently have 31 of these amazing little monsters, and I can't imagine not collecting them, there is just something special about these dolls that speaks to me, and I'm sure most of you know what I'm talking about.  When people give me a hard time or tease me about my dolls, I simply tell them "you know what? they make me happy!" That's really what it comes down to.  If collecting dolls, or action figures, or coins, or stamps, or whatever it is can bring you joy, then you are never too old for it!
I'm 25 and I love collecting dolls, from MH to Disney, Barbie to Baby Vamplets,  if it's cute or creepy I'm gonna want it.  My mother would be 56 if she were still here and till the day she died she loved getting me dolls for Christmas bday graduation etc, she thought mh were the coolest dolls.  I have aunts who still collect dolls and stuffed animals who are in their 50s.  My two grandmother's both love all my dolls and nicknacks, one is 81 and her fave movie is still Lady and the Tramp and collects anything Lady and the Tramp.  The moral of the story is, you are NEVER to old to do anything!!  Though I am now too tall to fit in the play-place anymore :(

Just turned 20 and I've only been collecting dolls for 4-5 years now. Even as a little girl I much preferred tool kits, cars and my little ponies. Before moving out a few years ago I lived with my mum and she hated my doll collection, heck she even tried to throw out my $600 ball jointed doll (secretly the straw that broke the camels back. I left home shortly after that.) now a days though, she can accept they are an extension of my art as I customize but she will still snidely point out to people her adult daughter collects dolls.

But, I learned not to really care what she thinks of my hobby. Everyone else accepts it as soon as they see my customizing or photography. Plus, my mum, MONTHLY buys designer jewelery that she only wears once or twice. I think I'm actually the sane one in this family~ XP

Never let yourself or anyone put an age cap on what you can collect. A hobby is a hobby and unless it's no longer making you happy, keep with it! 8D

I agree with what they all said, you're never too old to do something you enjoy doing. I'm 33 and adore dolls, Begoths, Barbie, Pullip and of course MH.  I'm just a big kid on the inside, being all grown up isn't what it's all cracked up to be!! Life is too short to give a toss about what other people say, screw 'em!


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