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Howdy ya'll....Im a completist and I was just curious how many more of ya'll are completists??? What type of collector are you if you arnt a completist? Also how do you define completist....for example...If I collect the dolls but not the playsets and/or plush dolls.....would I still be a completst?

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I am. My husband just bought me skull shores gil for valentine's day to complete my doll collection. I don't have all the playsets (I do have some) and I am now getting all the Plushies. I am just missing some of the SDCC dolls. They are just too expensive at the moment.

yes, I am a hardcore completest.


I even have the kohls killer style dolls AND the same clawdeen and operetta in their fashion packs

My daughter has the first run or signature doll of each character except Slo Mo. She has his disembodied council doll. I never could find his first release doll for retail and we both like his 2nd doll better.

sort of, I started collecting half way so I missed out on some early releases but now I get all the ones I can which is most of them unless they are U.S only, but I have to have all characters, I am hoping one day I might be able to get some of the older ones I have been missing, I guess I feel the need to get every one I just love it.

I'm not really a completest i just buy what i can afford as much as i can lol. 

Older dolls aren't on my radar unless they are in stores lol.

I'm really close to being a "completist". The few I don't have are either out of my budget (first couple CCs) or I don't really like them. I have all play sets. I don't think I'm going to get anymore playsets though.

Nope, not at all. Quite far from it.

I buy every doll of Spectra, Jinafire and Honey, and about 85% of the dolls for Operetta, Venus and Lagoona.

 I also bought Sirena, Vandala, River and Kiyomy, and might buy other versions of them, if there are any in the future. Due to a very special exception, I bought Haunted Rochelle and Haunted Twyla, even though I'm usually not a fan of Rochelle and Twyla. I might buy Amanita, if I actually like her once I finally see her in person. As for all the other ghouls, and all the monsters, I have zero interest in them, so I'm quite far from being a completist.

yes i am. 

i started collecting MH in may 2013 when my BF introduced me to the brand while we were roaming the toy isle in a mall. We both fell in love with scaris skelita - i mean an actual skeleton doll with an amy winehouse updo? i was sold. He decided to only get the scaris line. I made some research online and i started saving pics. i fell in love with every small detail, the fact that each character had it's theme and so on. but there were too many dolls. I was like "i can only do the basics, that would be ok" boy was i wrong. I started loving each and every different accessory on every doll version... i mean HOW could you choose between basic and scaris rochelle? get 'em both.

now it's 2 years later, i own practically every doll that's been out in the 2010-2014 period. and boy that was a loooot of dolls to catch up. i'm only missing SDCC Frankie, because she costs an arm and a leg, but i'm not giving up, she'll be mine someday.

i only have a few exceptions. I mean, i consider myself a completist in my own way, that being

- NO ghouls alive dolls. Sorry but the gimmicks ruin the dolls and their clothes are hideous in quality

- NO DOUBLES: that means the dance class line i own is made of the 5 pack and single Howleen. No need to get single lagoona, becca and oppy since they were in a 5 pack. That also mean i don't own killer style Khol's because they had separate fashion packs (although the dolls have different hairs from the others, so maybe one day...)

and until this day i was able to keep EVERYTHING in box. I'm seriously starting to think i want to move to a bigger place just so i don't have to unbox anything, but i know the day will come. I got the school, the catacombs all boxed up... that's a shame. I'd love to have a toy room one day to display everything. and to mix and match their clothes. 

i'm also trying to be an EAH completist, but Mattel kicked me in the groin by changing the boxes after nearly 1 year of collecting, and i was so upset. Don't get me started on the whole US exclusives deal.
Thank god i made an amazing doll buddy/FRIEND in the US thanks to this forum that helps me with all that won't come out in Italy.

I also own all of the playsets and i'm making my way through the CAMS although i find some of them really useless. I've yet to decide what i want to do with the vinyls and i know for sure i never want to even touch a fright-mare.

Thats awsome that you boyfriend got you started, does he collect to??My Bf & I have been together for about 13 years & he has never bought me any MH dolls that Ive been interested in. He just kinda puts up with it. When we moved we actually got a 2 bedroom apt so that I could have my own doll room so I can display them....BUT...over the past several years, I also collected other dolls Like Bratz (which Ive got TONS of...between 800 & 1000 bratz dolls). I also collected Vintge Cabbage Patch Kids, which Ive got about a 150 or more and Build A bear....Which he actually got into. Especially after I won the Run For the Stuffing Sweepstakes where me & the person of my choice ( which was him) and we each got 45 seconds to run through the Build a Bear Store & grab as much as we could grab which was needless to say, Ive also got ALOT of Build A Bear stuff to. as of now, My Monster High Room that I daydreamed about is now just a storage room full of boxes of dolls of the past that Im trying to decide what Im gonna do with.IDK....Im either gonna sell them all since I dont really collect them anymore OR find a storage unit I can put them all into.
But for the most part Ive got every doll released to date except Comic Con Frankie & Comic Con Ghoulia...also Ghouls Alive Toralei, Deuce & Robecca..mainly because Ive never seen them in stores & they are one of my least favorite collections..I also dont have the newest releases like Ghoulebriities or Rochelle & Garrott, because they still arnt available in my area.
I am collecting some of the EAH dolls but only the Alice In Wonderland characters ( cuz I LOVE Alice in Wonderland)....and I will probly collect the characters that are released with Alice In Wonderland lines like Hat-Tastic Tea Party Briar Beauty..I think shes in that line...In closing to this really long email....Be thankful if ya'll have significant others or friends that buy you goodies or help you find whatever doll you are looking for, cuz it gets pretty lonely.

it's actually kinda strange - he collects MH and lately a lot of barbies (style, top model, black labels) because as a kid his parent forbidden him to play with dolls. Now whenever he has some spare money he gets some. I collected dolls long before him, instead, but completely forgotten about it for over a decade (i collected My Scene barbie dolls and some Bratz back in 2000's, when i was 18 yo, always thanks to a previous relationship who introduced me to the world of doll collecting) i still own all those dolls and clothes but they're at my parent's house.
then i moved to Milan to study and didn't have that much money, i was very into TV series so i bought a lot of DVD's (that i later sold since everything is available online nowadays, i only kept the few i really loved) then i collected Animated transformers action figures, which was something completely new to me since i never liked robots and transformers as a kid, but i loved that animated series. (still own those)
Then i lost 22 Kg in one year dieting, and most of my money went into buying new clothes since i was so excited i could fit a medium size again. Then this new relationship started, and we discovered toy collecting as a common interest, we like to drive around finding new malls and toy stores and we spend hours deciding what to pick with our money, on amazon, or wherever we can.

Thats awsomethat ya'll share that...He did really like Build A Bear for awhile cuz we would always have so much fun building them & stuff..Oh well.....I do think as far as allof my other dolls, instead of getting rid of them (maybe a few) cuz I always come back to them and just look at them and change their outfits etc....I think Im just gonna take them and store them somewere.
Oh and I forgot I also have some Barbies...ESPECIALLY Barbie Basics...I collected them to....Oh and Bratzillaz...I also collected those to.Lol...its no wonder I dont have room to display all my MH play pretties
I really need to go ahead & get Ghouls Alive Torlei & Deuce off Amazon or Ebay since theres currently a dry spell for me. Ive been putting it off cuz I never saw them available in stores so Ive been hoping they will re-release them.


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