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Howdy ya'll....Im a completist and I was just curious how many more of ya'll are completists??? What type of collector are you if you arnt a completist? Also how do you define completist....for example...If I collect the dolls but not the playsets and/or plush dolls.....would I still be a completst?

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I'm a completist, I'm six boxed dolls of every release. I also buy the first edition of each character to open, have every fashion pack open and on its own doll, every c.a.m open and built. Then my faves lines open also. I collect all playsets too

Wow! Some of you have ALOT of dolls! I can't imagine what all that must look like! I started collecting with my daughter several years ago. We collect the basic doll of every character. Thats it. No playsets, no outfits, no subsets. We have all characters from the original 1st editions and the SDCCs starting with Scarah, down to the current releases. All mint boxed. And even that is ALOT of dolls. I have 8 ft. long shelving along one wall, floor to ceiling and the whole collection is displayed there.....and we're out of room! .....and Mattel keeps adding more and more!

I don't feel like I need every doll, just the ones that I like. I don't have room for playsets but I really don't feel like I need those either. I recently got two nice shelves for my birthday so my dolls would be in an organized space instead of everywhere in the room like they were previously...There's not enough room for all of them but I got most of them out and I can rotate them whenever I want...If I get a new one, I'll just put one I have out in storage for a while and display the new one...I have wave 1 Ghoulia on the way. :)


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