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What I mean is before.....whenever  new dolls would be spotted on Amazon or in stores...the clubs would be a buzz.......everyone excited..........showing off and bragging about their new finds.......but for the past few weeks..........ive been seeing a lot of the new "Reboot" dolls available on  Amazon.....and I havnt seen one post about any of them.....maybe I just missed them....but the Rivals set with Draculaura and Moanica is available,  Welcome to Monster High Dance the Fright Away playset with Draculaura is available, so is Skulltimate Science Class playset with Frankie, Lagoona Blue with her new pet Turtle, Cleo with her pet cat,  Voltagous Hair Frankie and Ghoul to Bat Draculaura......I cant speak for anyone else....but I use to be a big time Completist......and now.....I just cant get excited...all these new MH dolls have been available for awhile now and I havnt ordered one yet..which is rare for me....are we witnessing the end of Monster High as we know it??  Anyone else saddened and depressed??

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Well, my own interest has nearly disappeared.

I'd be lying if I said that my disinterest started with the reboot. It was on the decline much sooner than that. I'm not sure what started it. Too many dolls maybe? With so many new characters I started getting pickier.

I saw Isi Dawndancer for the first time at Wal-Mart a few days ago. I thought I wanted her, but apparently not enough to pay for her at full price. I ended up putting her back.

Maybe I just don't have faith in Monster High anymore. Especially because of the reboot.
I want to hold on and keep loving it, but I don't.
I've moved on to other dolls.

I feel the same, except I dont really collect other dolls anymore. I only get MH,sometimes EAH, and Funko Pops. Ever since EAH and MH I dont think I've cared for any other dolls. I'm pretty sure that around the time of 13 Wishes was when I decided only new characters and exclusives,but I dont even pay full price for dolls that much anymore. I wait until they're on clearance or at DDs and Ross(which are great for finding cheap MH and EAH dolls) I guess maybe I've just cheapened? :p


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