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What I mean is before.....whenever  new dolls would be spotted on Amazon or in stores...the clubs would be a buzz.......everyone excited..........showing off and bragging about their new finds.......but for the past few weeks..........ive been seeing a lot of the new "Reboot" dolls available on  Amazon.....and I havnt seen one post about any of them.....maybe I just missed them....but the Rivals set with Draculaura and Moanica is available,  Welcome to Monster High Dance the Fright Away playset with Draculaura is available, so is Skulltimate Science Class playset with Frankie, Lagoona Blue with her new pet Turtle, Cleo with her pet cat,  Voltagous Hair Frankie and Ghoul to Bat Draculaura......I cant speak for anyone else....but I use to be a big time Completist......and now.....I just cant get excited...all these new MH dolls have been available for awhile now and I havnt ordered one yet..which is rare for me....are we witnessing the end of Monster High as we know it??  Anyone else saddened and depressed??

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I think people just aren't as excited about the reboot as they used to be about the original line. Also it seems like half the fanbase quit so there's not as many people on board. That may change if kids like the reboot it might get us some new members that want to collect. Thou considers how well the reboot bratz did it's hard to know kids liked monster high a lot better then reboot bratz or even the last series of taller bratz and bratzillaz. However it does seem like shopkins and smaller collectibles are more on trend. I've also seen an increase in interested in American girl dolls thou interest waxs and wanes as in any of the older lines that started in the 1980's which most toys that are popular today did well as far as dolls go i think the only line older then the 80's would be barbie at least when you're talking about united states. So you just never know what the popular thing will be it could be something old, something new or something blue lol. Honestly the reboot may still do well the issue is whether or not they're will still be a lot of collectors. A lot of the newer dolls don't appeal as much. Thou i got to say some are cool.

what is it with Shopkins? every time I go to Target or TRU and Im at the doll aisle i hear someone around the corner, kid or adult, asking about them, about where to find them etc... I think they are the most mundane little things... cute I guess, but its just miniature versions of household objects or food! yeay!? I guess Im too old to get it. :P

Apparently 'cute collectible blind bags' are the new thing right now. Personally I'm not a fan of Shopkins. I can't get into a toy aisle without having them shoved in my face. I can bet that they are the reason for the Monster Minis (which I do like to be honest), and MGA is trying to get into the market with Num Noms (which I must admit are quite cool) which is more successful for them than the new Bratz are. 

Cute blind-bag collectible toys is one of the two big trends on the doll scene today. The other big trend recently is STEM or STEAM toys. Now I like that trend because Project Mc2 exists, and I sure love me some Prodge. However, it seems that these two trends are really consuming the doll market. In my opinion, 'scary' dolls like Monster High have had their day and the 'pure fashion' lines aren't appreciated by kids. Bratz are having to pander to the 'cute' market and are losing the adult fanbase, with not much of a kid fanbase even existing. There's nothing on shelves that screams 'pure fashion' like Moxie Teenz did, and Barbie Style isn't close enough. Barbie Fashionistas aren't getting as many sales due to the die-hard articulation warriors. Frozen is still a thing and very much a kid's thing. Monster High has dropped in quality even before the reboot (compare Ghoul's Getaway with Skull Shores or Gloom Beach and you'll see why) and the reboot will probably make things worse. Ever After High is being thrown to the kids market and the adult fans aren't happy because the quality is dropping. There's no guarantee that DC Super Hero Girls will be a success. Project Mc2 is amazing, but will probably have a short shelf life in its current state due to the actresses getting older pretty soon. Spin Master is nowhere to be found after Liv and La Dee Da went under. Star Darlings are on clearance already and they haven't even been fully launched in the UK. Descendants needs to cling onto the market until the sequel comes out - no guarantee that will work. And Disney Princesses just went through a huge manufacturing change. That's a huge risk. 

In summary, cutesy is big, dolls aren't as well off as they were and it's a bit of a chaotic time to be a doll collector.

are you talking about this forum?

been here since 2013 and activity basically declines every year

if you look at the facebook groups and tumblr they're very active. referring to this forum...but ive also noticed a decline on amazon...i remember  when new dolls would release on amazon, they would sellout the same day, sometimes minutes and/or seconds.

What appealed to me personally about monster high dolls was the combination of good price (I was buying them second hand for 6 bucks or less for months) and the unique more mature look they had.  Now they're just kind of cutesy and cardboard, and if people like that then that's fine, but it's just not for me.

It seems a lot of people quit or gave up when the cutesy reboot was made.  When I first joined was around Webarella's release, and activeness certainly waned a lot between now and then, but the reboot kind of made this place a ghost town.

I think the interest in toys in general is decreasing. Sure theres adult collectors but I think I speak for everyone when I say that kids are the real ones with power. I remember back in the old days kids would carry their toys around or a coloring book or something. Now a days electronics are taking over. I think toys in general have declined and lost their appeal to children which is what is affecting not just Monster High but toys in general. It's all about electronics now. Sure kids will still want toys but theyre not as much of a want anymore because electronics are distracting them from toys. Electronics rising isn't the only problem with MH though. I think things really declined after Scarah and Hoodude were made the SDCC exclusives and then SDCC Wydowna definitely seems to have been the last straw for a lot of people. After that is when I think activity declined, mostly because people started to feel unfairly treated by Mattel. 

Why didn't fans like those sdcc dolls?

The fact that they were new characters that they couldn't get really, really annoyed some people. I was probably one of those people, but thinking it over I understand now why this was the case. I remember Garrett basically said that having dolls of those characters wouldn't even be a thing if it wasn't for SDCC, otherwise they wouldn't have made Hoodude, Manny, Valentine, Whisp, Iris, Wydowna and so on and so forth. With the way the doll market is turning nowadays, I can completely agree with that statement. I think it's better for those dolls to exist as SDCC exclusives than not exist at all.

I agree with everything you said, except for the fact that you're talking about the reboot as the main cause. This didn't start because of the reboot. This started a lot earlier, but got a huge boost because of the reboot.

I remember the days of scalpers grabbing all of the new dolls, constant excitement for the new releases and the like. Recently (and by that I mean about one or two years ago) I noticed that this just doesn't happen anymore. I think it's because of the large amount of lines that MH is churning out, the more mainstream popularity and wider production, not to mention the prices (in the UK at least). I certainly was much less excited about Haunted than I was about, for example, Ghouls Rule. I haven't even watched Great Scarrier Reef because I don't care about the dolls enough to even watch it. My last Monster High dolls were Porter Geiss, Ghoul Spirit Slo Mo and Scarnival Clawd. Not bought one since. Things like the high prices, gimmicks and generally the reduction in quality (again, not referring to the reboot) made me just stop being excited a long time ago. Then the reboot came along and it seems that tons of people are doing what I did months ago. So far, I'm only wanting one reboot doll and that's the single-pack Moanica D'Kay. I personally think she's better than any of the GSR line. So for me, it's not necessarily all the reboot's fault for this, but it was the final straw for many people.

Now all of my excitement is going to Project Mc2. 

Omg, I absolutely adore Project Mc2 dolls! I bought the original 4 last summer and they are so detailed, and I love Adrianne's outfit.
But as for the MH dolls, you're right. I made the mistake of watching GSR and was greatly underwhelmed. Not only in Lagoona's sudden voice change, but in her out of the blue (no pun intended) new little sister, the whole idea itself, and Lagoona's new love for dance? Yes, she had a doll in a ballet line, but that doesn't really mean anything because Mattel shoehorns in any character that will sell. I only bought Peri and Pearl, and that's because it's a two headed doll. But I do find myself passing on a lot more dolls, and with the reboot, I'll be passing on a lot more.


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