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So everyone complains and whines about scalpers. How horrible it is that they buy a whole case of dolls and sell them for double or triple the price. But has anyone ever stopped to think whose fault it really is?

It's the people who buy from the scalpers. Do you really think people would buy hoards of dolls and resell them if no one bought them for such high prices?

People say that to battle scalping stores should do things like place a doll-per-customer limit. But all that does is make it difficult for collectors to get dolls if they find more than one or two dolls they've been searching for weeks for.

You know what would truly stop scalpers? If people like you and me didn't buy from them.

So what can you do to help stop scalping?

• Be patient. Just because you've just seen the promo for new doll doesn't mean you need it rightomgnow. In fact, you don't even need it for the first few weeks it's out. Almost every doll becomes readily available by simply waiting. Even if that means waiting a month or two.

• If you don't have access to stores, buy from someone personally or from amazon. Avoid ebay and other sites that only have dolls for exuberant prices.

• Talk to your friends. Encourage them to not buy dolls for triple their value, and instead try to team up and help each other obtain the dolls you want.

So stop and think. Who is truly at fault? The people who are taking advantage of opportunities given to them, or the people who enable the selling of dolls at ridiculously heightened prices by actually buying them at this price?

Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions.

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Hey Midori:

thanks for the welcome...

So at what point is the seller of the doll hitting "Scalper" tag? 2x the cost? 3x?.


Would most consider me a scalper for selling at $32.50 total cost vs my $19.00 investment?


Uncle Fester 

I don't think going a little over is scalping, because often you're not just paying for the doll from the average seller. You're paying the tax, the shipping, the cost of travel to get the doll and get to the post to mail it, and then the shipping and shipping materials.

So I personally do not thin $32.50 a scalping price, but other people may disagree with me.

Scalping to me is over double for a doll that will BECOME or IS common in most areas. I.E. when a doll is first released they're typically elusive but most likely will become common over time. When the doll is first released and I see a $20 for $50+ on Ebay? Scalping. OR like, Scary Tales were really common in my area, but not so common overseas or in other areas of the U.S. Seeing listings for $60? Scalping.

This is just my opinion, there's no real scientific way to come up with an objective answer.

Uncle Fester said:

Hey Midori:

thanks for the welcome...

So at what point is the seller of the doll hitting "Scalper" tag? 2x the cost? 3x?.


Would most consider me a scalper for selling at $32.50 total cost vs my $19.00 investment?


Uncle Fester 

Scalping to me is when you purchase EVERY one of the sought after dolls in the store with solely the intention of selling them all at a markup of over 70% for each doll in particular. I can understand purchasing one doll and then one or two as gifts or for sale, but when a person takes the entire stock from a lot with the intention of selling them, that's when it becomes unscrupulous. Markup also becomes a factor. A Scaris Travel Deuce for example, one of the sought after dolls is from a budget doll, which means they are sold commercially for between 13.99 (the price I usually see budget dolls at stores like Target or Wal-mart) to 16.99 (Stores without a focus of toys and whatnot like Walgreen's) and selling them for markups in the fifty to sixty dollar range (that is the low end of the spectrum). One is making a profit, a small one yes, but a profit capable of purchasing just as many dolls or more and depriving local kids and collectors of the dolls that would come in otherwise because the scheme will be repeated until the doll is no longer released.


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