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So, I was browsing around the internet and came across these MH knockoff, including one of AJ! This cute little version of AJ is so awesome! I really love some of these dolls. I think the big, headed dolls are absolutely adorable. And I really love the baby dolls too!

Does anyone know where I may be able to find these dolls for sale! I'm pretty sure that they made in Mexico but I can't find anything about them. I want several of them but especially the little AJ! They are so cute and they would go great with my collection! Anyway, thought I'd share the pics and see if anyone knew anything about them :3

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Aw, really? I think they are so cute! :P The regular doll sized ones seem kinda cheap looking to me, though.

Rei Rei said:

one word: CREEPY O.O

The Spectra in the bottom row is kinda awesome!

Bottom Spectra looks kinda badass!
I love the Ghoulia from the 1st pic.

Is it me or do the regular dolls have My Scene molds?
These aren't knock offs- I'm pretty sure there was a post if these a little while ago of someone actually customising My Scene, Bratz and other dolls to look like monster high :) I think they're really cute and very good interpretations of the dolls!
I think Google now has the ability to search from an image, so if you can trace it back to an original source maybe post a link? Or check Etsy and eBay to see if they're for sale?

The dolls in the 3 pictures at the top are not Bratz dolls: they have different bodies from the Bratz Kids. I also saw a review in YouTube by Spanish or Portuguese talking girls explaining how terrible they are. I guess they are afraid their parents start buying them these instead of the real MH dolls.*RbWaCHCRnN*gEndYZ*YWasS9phdklce8U5rjKsWR1sJEw7D6N49YT8uaUe*ns5*PANkwXL-El53f8cy/s_MLM_v_F_f_73448409_1420.jpgThese are Bratz?
And oh god, these are actual products? How have they got away with the blatant rip off, it's totally crossing the border of patents and trade marks? I'm sure they wouldn't be able to get away with selling them! Do the girls as where they got them from?
Thanks for all the links Anna! :) my link was just the second picture from the bottom in the original post.
Oh there are even more! Argh!
But, I guess if they're cheap and there's a chance clothes/accessories will fit actual MH then Wahheyy!

I guess this person has the original dolls:

The first style of dolls is so cute!  The rest... well, it's neat to see different knock-offs.

Just saying, this ls like the 4th time these dolls have been posted... 

I;ve done a lot of research on these guys. I too want them but I just cannot seem to find them. If you get any info, please let me know! :o 

Ah i came across some of these from my wholesaler's website, there's quite a few MH knockoffs, the ones in the 2nd and 3rd pic look like the Halloween Queen MH knockoffs, then there's the Alternative Girl dolls which look just like Bratz but in MH clothes, I could post pix if anyone wants to see 'em.  Some of 'em are cute!  I usually only order supplies but have been tempted to order some of them, thing is you hafta order 20 cartons!!!


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