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Does anyone have any news about any exciting new dolls that might be be coming in 2016?

It seems like a few years ago there were so many fun new dolls hitting the shelves. Now there is not much besides MH and EAH that I can get excited about. Well, at least not mass market dolls you can buy in a retail store.

Anyone see anything new on the horizon that looks interesting?

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only thing I know about is Hasbro's new Disney Princess line.

disney star darlings and shopkins shoppies dolls other then that i don't think these's any new lines.

Star Darlings and DC Super Hero Girls are two I've heard of recently (there's also a really cool Barbie collector Wonder Woman coming out soon). Hasbro is getting the license for Disney Princess, that's probably why EAH is getting skewed younger.

Hopefully they're bringing out some more Bratz and Project MC2 in 2016 too.

I'm looking forward to seeing what Hasbro does with the Disney Princesses. The Descendants line looks great, so it gives me hope for what they'll do with the princesses.

I know this isn't retail / mass market, but I have some cool news. I received an email yesterday from Tonner Dolls and they are producing blank resin dolls of Ellowyne and Evangeline for custom dolls!

I will probably pick up an Ellowyne. I also have a blank Pullip that needs to be put together. It is just hard for me to commit and use the customs blanks. I also have some knock off Blythe dolls I need to customize.


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