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After scoring Una Verse a few months ago for $5 I've decided that I want to get some more of these little dolls. They're cute and take up such little space!


eBay is flooded with them so they have to still be out somewhere.


I have also noticed that they've gone beyond the 4 originals and branched out with what seems like a lot of new characters. Is there a place that has like a checklist of all the dolls?


Mainly though I want to see where I can still maybe get them on a retail level!



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Here is something I got off Wiki. Hopefully the info is correct.

Summer/Fall 2012:

  • Basic Dolls - Alie Lectric, Una Verse, Mae Tallick and Ari Roma
  • Fashion Packs - Winter Gear, Galactic Gown and Space Dreamer
  • Energy Pod playset with Nita Light doll
  • Secret Pet Pods Wave 1 - Zogi, Oko, Lemi, Zero, Meba
  • Glitter Lamp

Winter/Spring 2013:

  • Basic Dolls - Malie Tasker, Tula Toned, Sila Clops
  • Orbit Beach - Alie Lectric, Una Verse, Mae Tallick and Ari Roma
  • Stellar Skinz - CiCi Thru, Gail Lexi
  • Super Novas - Mimi Merize, Vera Tabray
  • Novi Invasion - Anne Arctic, Ina Ferna
  • Curl n Coil - Roe Botik, Tily Vizon

I also have Una and she is adorable! I have been looking during my MH hunting for a Tula Toned but no luck for me yet.

I saw some of the newer ones at a Kmart close to my work.  It's about the only place I see Novi Stars these days, other than TRU.

I still see them in the Uk. I kinda want Roe Botik and Anne Arctic heh. I have several already and they're cute, though the quality and robustness coudl be better.

I'm still seeing Anne, Ina, Roe and Tily at KMart and the basics plus Nita/Energy Pod at TRU.


I'm desperate to get Cici, Mimi and Vera.

I still see ALL the original and Orbit Beach at almost ALL the stores around here, Walmart, Kmart, Meijers.  They all seem to have them.  Haven't been able to find any of the newer ones (Vera, Ina and Anne)  Those are the only 3 I'm still wanting.

I am still seeing a lot of them at kmart but it seems like my kmart is no longer getting new ones in there. They are just trying to sell what they have. Walmart and toysrus have some of the older dolls. It seems that target no longer has any.

my kmart had some of the newer ones they had ina, anne, tily and roe.

none of the stores near me have vera and mini so i ordered them from amazon last week when they had them in stock for retail.

Watch amazon if you don't see the ones you want in stores since stores don't seem to be ordering them anymore.

Just noticed two days ago that Big W in Australia has marked them down as clearance items. I didn't even know they were getting discontinued. Maybe pair up with an Aussie buddy and become shopping pals if you're in the states?


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