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I wasn't sure where to put this discussion, so sorry if it's in the wrong place.

I'm considering ordering some items from Bentzen's Emporium and I haven't seen any sort of reviews or any experiences with ordering. I'm curious to whether anyone else has bought dolls from Bentzen and what their experience was with things like shipping costs (particularly UK based experiences would be helpful but I don't mind either way). 

Hopefully if they're a good website I can finish my Project Mc2 collection! 

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We will have this sorted ASAP :-)

I would strongly recommend not ordering from them, I ordered a couple of DC Superhero Girls and the two Fierce Rockers Monster High sets from them, and they didn't send the Catty Noir/Toralei two pack. When I sent them a photo of the box (it was too small to have fit anything else in, so it wasn't stolen at customs) they said they would follow up with customs to find out if it had been re-packaged, and then they stopped replying to my Facebook messages. They never responded to my emails. It's been three months and I've lost all hope of getting a refund.

They also took a month to ship the items, although they were all listed as in stock. I had to email them a reminder to get the dolls to leave the warehouse. A terrible experience from start to finish.

I'm still waiting for the other dolls I ordered from them. The other four never came. No money back either.

Has this been resolved?

Marc hasn't responded to my Facebook message yet, but since the last reply I got was on February 1 I'm not anticipating a response. (Or did you mean the OP? Sorry, I realise I'm posting on an old thread).

Op yeah.

Sadly it's quite possible things can get lost, I think he's only like one guy and not a huge business so it's probably quite easy for messages to get lost or forget you didn't reply.

I'd suggest messaging him again and sending an email too, he's a decent guy so it's likely just human error rather than any dodginess.

Customs would usually put a sticker on something they've reparcelled, but of course, I wouldn't put it past some postal workers to "forget". Even so, if the item has been lost in the post a claim needs to be filed by the sender, so it's important to let them know the item hasn't arrived.

So definitely message again, he's also a member here (user Marc just above your post) so you should be able to get in touch with him. I'd suggest a quick message on this site as well, to make sure he gets it (facebook does sometimes eat posts or they get lost or shunted to "other" and you get no notification, it's a bit of a mess, while here there's no escaping a message alert hah)

Good luck and I hope you get a satisfactory result to this. I've chatted to this guy a fair bit and I don't ever get the vibe that he's in any way a scammer or anything, I just think sometimes running a business is really hard and things fall between the cracks.

Happens to the best of us sadly, we're human, we screw up. But I like to believe it'll get sorted in the end.

I'll give him a prod as well.

Thank you, I'll send Marc a message now.


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