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I've been collecting from the very start, and have accumulated a lot of empty doll boxes that I just can't bring myself to throw out, I'll probably take whatever offered for most of them as long as you pay shipping, Most boxes are in good condition with maybe some dents on the plastic, I can provide extra detail if needed. boxes are as followed (in no particular order):

  • DT Draculuara
  • PG Frankie
  • Catty Noir
  • DOTD Ghoulia
  • GB Jackson
  • Scarily ever after Frankie
  • Sister pack clawdeen and howleen
  • Roller maze Ghoulia
  • 13W Twyla
  • 1st wave Robecca Steam
  • SS Draculaura
  • SS Frankie
  • SS Ghoulia
  • DT Ghoulia
  • Physical Deaducation Ghoulia
  • Scaris Ghoulia
  • wave 1 Jackson
  • wave 1 Rochelle Goyle
  • wave 1 draculuara
  • wave 1 frankie
  • wave 1 opperetta
  • wave 1 lagoona
  • Lab partners Ghoulia and Cleo
  • Scaris Skelita
  • I <3 fashion Frankie
  • Sweet 1600 Frankie
  • wave 1 Ghoulia
  • wave 1 cleo/deuce
  • School club Fashion pack ghoulia
  • TRU exclusive scooter ghoulia
  • Gloom beach 5 pack

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Next for w1 Lagoona's box interested in w1 Ghoulias too

Sadly The lagoona box has the skullet icon on the spine cut out :( so its not in perfect condition. I believe the ghoulia one is torn a bit on the flaps also. Those are some of my oldest boxes sadly >_br/> neferasnotebook said:

depending on the condition and if it still has the cardboard backing intact, i'd be interested in wave 1 lagoona's box. Could do $5-6 shipped, considering it's just the box. just let me know if that's ok  

Can you send me pics of ths boxes?
Interested in wave one Cleo/ deuces box. Do they come with the cardboard insert?

I tried to highlight some of the flaws on it, sorry my camera is so out of focus

I really need to clean these out soon, if anyone is interested please PM me and I will reply asap


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