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If anyone is still looking for Spectra, Wave 2 Clawdeen, or Operetta, I just (12 am) went to the Walmart in Brookshire and saw several Spectras, One Operetta and Tons of Clawdeens.  There were also TONs of Wave 2 Frankies and the Rerelease of Draculaura and litterally like 30 of the new C.A Cupids with diaries.  They are being put on endcaps and are rather full.  They also restocked the Skull shores, not just Ghoulia.  I saw SS Abbey, Draculaura, and even Lagoona.  No Gil..-pout-  Just a heads up too.  The new Scary Tales dolls are in the backrooms some of the Targets down here.  I called XD.  They are not on the shelves, you have to ask them to look in the backroom.  The DPCI number for them is 086 02 0564.  I already got my Threadarella, she's the only one of the line I wanted.  Hope this helps us here in NC, if anyone finds anything more you should post it here :)...would help us all.  Thanks.

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They had a couple of werecat twins in the TRU in Cary along with the b/w Frankie. A few CAM labs in Cary target and Greenville TRU as well as a ddg operetta. Lots of SO Frankie's,clawdeens, spectras, cupids, wave 1 lala's, and a few dotd clawdeens and Frankie's spanning from Greenville, Wilson, Zebulon, knightdale, Raleigh, and Cary. No scarey tales though - I called and travelled all weekend! :( I'll be stalking my local target all week to get those girls!

In what town is Brookshire?

Hmm..Its in Charlotte close to Mount Holly off Brookshire and Mount Holly-Huntersville Road.  Heres the address :

9820 Callabridge Court, Charlotte, NC 28216

  -and phone #

Myra De Leon said:

In what town is Brookshire?

Heading to Brevard over the weekend. I'll let you know if OP Taylors has anything interesting.

Tons of the re-releases have been here (New Bern, NC) for at least a month @ Wal-mart. Now Target has gotten a case in this week. I also managed to get Scary tales this week!

Still no sign of Venus or Robecca ;_;


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