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I pre-ordered Bloodgood, Twyla and Gigi almost a month ago and now I see them showing up in hand on Ebay. I checked my TRU orders and the status has not been updated. I'm about to visit my local TRU and see if they have them and if they do, I'm going to buy them and cancel my preorders. This is so frustrating!

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Just received mine today. Aside from a small dent in the clear part of the box, she is flawless. I had preordered just one because she is a bit on the expensive side, but also because they usually pop in stores before preorders are received.( I like to have one to open and one to keep in box.) I'm glad the one I ordered doesn't have to be replaced. XD She is fabulous, it's nice to see that TRU is stepping up their game. XP

if its all the same order you may be waiting till the others are in stock.

I got mine saturday. My box was a little dented. I figured what I paid in shipping would be what I would spend in gas to go check if TRU has it more than once

Recieved mine yesterday with several dents. Besides that Bloodgood looks amazing but I can't say the same about Nightmare, his eye is half faded off o_o

Definitely returning.

lol i forgot i preordered one and already bought 2 from the store mine is to be delivered today...went to TRU last week and there was like 20 boxes of her on the shelf

I got my bloodgood last Friday.. I had no problems with TRU. But I have heard they can be slow to ship sometimes


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