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Just checking to see if this two pack has been found by anyone in the states?

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If you do find them, can you post the item number. Thanks :)

The Toys R Us item # is 324871.

SWEET!!! Calling my janky store now :)

According to some of the groups on fb someone has found them in TX and TN.  I didn't notice the exact locations in either state though.

My store in SoCal just got in about 12 of them. They are starting to roll in all over. ^_^ They also got the Ghoulebrities in Londoom too. :)

I bought the pack over the weekend from a TRU here in Illinois.

Not me, but my Toys'R'Us has a sticker up saying that they are coming in on the truck tomorrow! Eek!

they are in northern calif too just havent made my way down the street to pick up one yet...

They here in Pittsburgh, PA. Mine was my Valentines Gift from the Husband.

My Toys R Us initially told me that they were getting the set in last Wednesday and then didn't get them in, so I went back today because it is truck day and still no luck. I called every Toys R Us in Colorado and was told by one that due to the bad sales of two-packs in the "Mountain Region" it was not going to be released here!?!? She checked her shipment log and saw none for the next few weeks minimum as well. Admittedly the Mansters and Frankie/Jackson sets have been shelf sitting in the dozens, but does this happen!?
That is the Pacific sales region. Following Tumblr and my region is just getting left out! Dang! Has anyone found them in the interior mountain states? How does Mattel do sales districts? Do they do timezones? I am so jealous that the first comic con reveal last year is the only ony I still don't have!

found them in stock at TRU near Kendal Drive Miami, along with the Londoom 3 pack.


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