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Hey all,

I ordered my magazine around April, 10th I think it was and I've yet to receive anything. I've emailed the company twice and received no response. I was linked to the site by the official Mattel/MH website, so I wasn't worried about being scammed but I'm a little concerned that I have not heard back!

Has anyone actually ordered and received their magazine?

Here's a  link to where I got my subscription:


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I called my subscription in, and they have been sending them to me, there are only 2 US magazines out though, they come out quarterly. 

I have received my first one but not the second one yet.  The second one was published in April.  I will call them if I do not received it shortly.

Thanks for all the help guys! I understand now that send them out in batches as opposed to individual order requests. That makes sense. I only started worrying when I wrote twice and received no response to either email, lol.

Justin said:

My magazine took around 5wks to be mailed out to me.  I canceled my subscription before I knew it was already mailed out, but I unsubscribed because I'd rather pick them up in-store and not have my name & billing info in their system year after year.

They must dispatch them in bunches/intervals, and not per-request, which would explain the wait times.

I'm confident you'll get the issue soon.  Had I not been so paranoid, I'd still be subscribed to it.

Hi! It took about 6 weeks for my daughters 1st issue to arrive. I received the 2nd issue and the 3rd issue should be arriving soon. You can try to call Titan Magazine at 1-800-999-9718 to make sure everything is ok with your order.

Good Luck!


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