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Anyone else notice any MH misspellings / mispronunciations, and / or feel that certain characters were meant to have different faces / voices / personalities?


Has anyone else ever noticed any MH misspellings / mispronunciations, and / or feel that certain characters were meant to have different faces / voices / personalities?

I have thought about all of these issues:

* Elissabat's name is spelled in such a way that it should be pronounced like Alyssa Milano's name (except with an "E" instead of an "A" at the beginning), but everyone within the MH universe pronounces it as though it's spelled as "Elizabeth" (Normie version would be "Elizabeth"). I always pronounce it as it's spelled ("Elyssabat").  Which is it, though? Mattel's spelling of the name doesn't match Mattel's pronunciation of it. Make up your mind, Mattel! LOL!

* I have the same issue with Fangelica's name. It's a play on both the name "Angelica" and the word "fang", and it's pronunciation matches up perfectly with this spelling: "Fangjelica". That's not how it's spelled by Mattel, though!

* A lot of the MH dolls don't have faces that match up with those of their animated counterparts. Ghoulia's dolls always look way, way more elegant than her actual animated form, but I like the more elegant look of the dolls.  

* I have the same issue with Spectra, except that, this time, I take issue with her face, her voice, and, to some degree, her personality! I do like the elegant look of the Spectra dolls, although their faces can look a bit severe at times. In my mind, Spectra should never have had the voice and the personality that she had. I have always seen her as being the Sophia Loren type: elegant and refined, if rebellious, with a cool accent. The dolls look like a ghostly version of Sophia Loren to me. Then again, Sophia Loren is one of my favorite actresses!

* I don't know how much personality info. the webisodes reveal about Wydowna Spider, but I know that her name is a play on the name of the actress "Wynona Rider". As far as I'm concerned, though, since she arrived with a Snookie hair bump, and since she's the inventive, creative, "Jack-of-all-Trades"-type artist, she will forever remind me of Barbra Streisand's Dolly Levi....and Fran Drescher. I admit to having watched a lot of episodes of "The Nanny" only a few months ago! LOL!! Where the hooey was I during the 1990s? I should've been watching that show, instead of stressing about tons of extracurricular activities, and then angsting about not being angsty enough during college! LOL!

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I don't know if this counts, but I once saw a Jinafire Cirque de Chique doll with a Honey Swamp name label in her box.

Hello, justanotherwerecat,

I'm counting it, because it is an inconsistency, alright, a marketing inconsistency, albeit one that makes that doll worth a whole lot more than the others!  :)

Did you buy her?

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