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Any questions for Mattel??? I'll be visiting their showroom in two weeks! Ask away!

Hi guys, on Jul 29th i'll be visiting the Mattel Italy showrooms in Milan. I know it's just a country division of Mattel so they probably won't know as many things as the US headquarters... but still i want to use this experience to bring them some fan questions. So if you got any... ask away! I'll try to ask them everything i can think of but i need some of your ideas too.


Hi guys, here I am with the report of my visit to the Mattel showroom. What to say?
An amazing experience. Especially for an avid collector like me.
Mattel offices are stunning and it must be a dream to get to work there everyday. Collector's doll in the lobby and meeting rooms... foosball table for breaks...
as for the showroom, it's a well organized room with spotlights and all mattel products divided into sectors. I will focus on MH and EAH, where the dolls were displayed boxed and unboxed glued on shelves in various groups.
KEEP IN MIND THIS IS ABOUT THE ITALY OFFICES. It's not representative of how the US or european market works.
EAH had the SU, WTW and PicNic on display, along with basic dolls. MH had Haunted, Exchange (the old line, new one will be on display from Aug 18), Trip, Boo York, FDC, Ghoul Fair, Vinyls and Draculaura collector's edition.
I've got the chance to ask a lot of questions and find out a lot of interesting things that otherwise I would not have known in any other way.
First, Italy will NOT get the following products: Mega blocks and Giant size ghouls (not for another year at least), FINNEGAN WAKE (i'll have to buy him from US), WTW Raven playset, Rochelle circus, Astranova, and EAH sugar coated.
You get the idea of how many important stuff we're not getting. They decide what to import based on research and what will sell well basically. It's useless for them to import products that have no market. Collectors are a non-counting part of their market because we're a niche. We dont sell big numbers. They know this and they're really sorry about that but they can't help it.
We don't get anything exclusive that doesn't have a counterpart retailer in our country.
Retailers can sometime choose to import stuff if they want to.
The monster high in Italy come out in two seasons that split the year in two, we have the first six months (pre-fall) and the other six (fall and christmas). We're behind several months compared to the us market that gets bimonthly products.
The lines that have sold the most are Ghouls Rule and Scaris, and MH still does better than EAH overall.
Boo york will have songs in Italian, but it's a mistery if we'll keep getting EAH basic characters.
The European market boxes must have 12 languages or 4 (for the most important movie lines) and the translations are made regardless if the product will be sold in Italy or not.
There's not an European online store where to buy stuff because Mattel prefers to incentivate their partnership with amazon.
there are no survey groups for my country and the customer care can only intervene in case of confirmed cases of fault, otherwise, like if you're stuck with the problem of a single defective doll, they'll tell you to contact the dealer who applies his policy.
Mansters DO NOT sell well in their opinion because boy dolls dont do well in general, that's why they're scarce and always paired with a girl. Also, us completists and collectors are a niche that does not make them do enough money in the overall business, compared the to occasional buyer. They know that, and they're sorry, but they can't help it.
Finally they shushed me on the chances of both lines getting a reboot in the future, so you tell me what that means...

however it was an incredible experience and i look forward to visit them again (they asked me to come back and bring my SDCC dolls with me because - guess what - the italian offices did not get a single SDCC doll to display and they want to see mines)

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My biggest question is about the lack of Holt dolls.  Slo Mo has gotten three, Billy's getting another (with a new body), most everyone got one last year, heck Jackson got two last year one could have been Holt, and yet there's no signs of another Holt.

Will we be getting a 3 foot monster high doll?

Will we be getting any dolls that aren't heterosexual? 

How did spectra die or are ghosts in monster high born ghosts?

does everyone have to date someone?

What exactly happened with the Haunted Spectra doll? Why such a overly long delay for her release in stores, and why is the US/Canada version so different from the international one?

will they be another Holt soon and when?

will the limited edition Draculaura be available in other countries?

will Fin be available in other countries and or in stores?

why can't other countries get SDCC dolls?

are there any plans of a wide release Manny and Kieron?

will Dijini get a IHF? 

any more plans for Abbey?

I'd like to know if there are any plans for an I ❤ Fashion Gooliope and Whisp.
Also this isnt MH but if you could please ask if rhere will be any Mockingjay part 1 or 2 Barbies at all.
Oh and any plans for Wydowna or Iris too. All we have of them is just their SDCC and I❤F dolls while Scarah has like 5 already.
Lol I already answered you on Facebook

This is more of a suggestion........The next I Love Fashion doll should be a Manster!  If not the next, then someday very soon!  Perhaps Manny!!

i can answer on number 6... clawd is part of the scarnival line, linked to the FDC webisodes with draculaura and skelita

Who the heck is Frankie actually dating, because she seems to have a new love interest every other week and the merch seems to contradict a lot of stuff (like pairing her off with Jackson/Holt when she's supposed to be taking a break or something).

Why no Holt dolls? 

Are we ever gonna get a mainstream release of Manny? Or Hoodude? Or Valentine? 

Why do the male characters HAVE to be paired off with a girl in order to get a doll? Don't you feel this sends a poor message to kids about boys only existing to be a boyfriend/love interest?

Why do the webisodes keep forgetting that Jackson's actually sporty and good at casketball?

Why doesn't Holt get a DJ playset but Spectra did?

Will we ever see Gilda again?

Are Bonita and Luna related?

How exactly are Heath and Jackson/Holt related to one another? It seems to be one of those things that the canon constantly contradicts.

Frankie gets around lol

will we get any more CAMS? also can we please get more boy CAMS.

can we get boy versions of a dragon, skeleton, insect/arachnid, two headed monster, please!


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