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I don't know if anyone has posted about this yet, but I'm curious if Mattel will ever release any more Nefera dolls or accessories for her. I love my Nefera doll, I think she is beautiful and is one of my faves. But she can't wear many other doll clothes and I don't have any other shoes that fit her. :( I would love to see a fashion pack for her or a second doll release in one of the current lines. Even a sister two pack with Cleo would be fabulous! What do you guys think? Any rumors going around about this?

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I don't think that there have been any rumours that Nefera will get a second doll :( I think she is gorgeous and I would like to see another doll of her, or at least a fashion pack.

I agree, she is a baddy so she probably wont get as many as the other ghouls but her doll is beautiful and I would love it if they came out with another for her

Just a heads up on Nefera- it looks like she will be sold out soon, so anyone who wants another of her or who hasn't gotten her yet had better before her prices inflate.  No one else has had stock of her in a month or so now except Amazon, and she is currently at 21.99, and even Amazon has been going in and out of stock on her, so I think she will be gone soon.  My younger daughter just broke her Nef's leg the other day, I called Mattel and they have no replacements at all for her (so they are sending me a voucher).  I felt lucky to buy 1 off Amazon and didn't waste any time doing so!  I am tempted to get another to hold on to for a "just in case".



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