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Any modded Howleen's out there? or Clawdeen from same pack..

Okay, so I got my Clawdeen/ Howleen two pack and like most of the curly haired dolls of  late, the hair looks like one big fuzz ball (think Operetta) Has anyone tried modding they're Howleen's or Clawdeen's hair? I'm thinking of straightening Clawdeen's hair at least and am really hoping it doesn't come out fuzzy. So if I brush out her hair (Clawdeen's) and then use heat to straighten it, will it not be fuzzy? I've tried straightening my DotD, Ghoulia's hair using very hot water and it only sort of worked...the hair is brushable but still comes across as puffy fuzz rather then like a doll with straight hair..I'm also curious what if anything have people done with Howleen's hair. If possible, feel free to show off your creations! Thanks

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Oh wow, your comment made me look at the date. O_o I thought it was a new post. XD

Athena Power said:

Please check the dates of topics/comments when replying because old 'dead' topics from over a year ago spam the forum. Thanks


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