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Wow, didn't realize how long it's been since I've been on here!

So, these are both from at least 10-ish years ago, I'm guessing:

The first is a Barbie doll that I *think* was a fairy, but may have been an elf. She had a really long, pastel pink ponytail, with 2 long, curled strands framing her face. I think she had painted on tights or something and mint green dress and shoes. 

The other was a tiny cheap fairy line that came in plastic crystals or gems. I saw a red one and a blue one. The dolls themselves had giant heads about the same size as their bodies. They had all the same dresses and shoes I think (painted molded on) just their respective color. Their wings were wing-shaped rhinestones. The blue one had pigtails and I think the red one had some sort of bun.

Any ideas? :D

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barbie fairies sound like fairytopia or mariposa. Try looking those up.

as for the fairies in gems, hmm... not a clue i'm afraid.

It was fairytopia Dahlia, thanks! 


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